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You can call me by my Earth name Bishop.
~ Bishop introduces himself to the Ninja Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones in Annihilation: Earth!

Bishop is a supporting hero in the 2012 incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series. He is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. As one of the main members of the Utrom High Council, Bishop is an Utrom from Dimension X who was responsible for designing and creating the Norman disguises (which the Kraang Hive Mind copied). As the brother of Kraang SubPrime (formerly known as Knight), he helps the Turtles first to prevent the Triceraton Empire from unleashing a planetary invasion on Earth (as well as the upcoming Kraang Invasion). Now that he is helping out the Earth more, he has become the leader of the Earth Protection Force and has provided them with some Utrom technology, to better prepare them for alien threats in New York City.

Bishop is voiced by Nolan North.


Nexons ago in Dimension X, Bishop became a part of the Utrom High Council in an unknown time period, alongside with his brother, Knight. At some point, he even designed the Norman disguises, which later on became the disguise he started to become known for. Bishop also met Professor Zayton Honeycutt, a D'Hoonibian from the planet, D'Hoonib (who later on became responsible for the creation of the Heart of Darkness). At some point whatsoever, the Utrom alien race almost became extinct when an Utrom scientist, Kraang, mutated himself once he discovered the Mutagen from the Kraathatrogons. Alongside with his mutation, Kraang use his profound telekinetic abilities to corrupt most of the Utroms to his "Kraang Hive Mind", becoming known as The Kraang. One of these Utroms was Knight, who became Kraang's, now renamed Kraang Prime, second-in-command. Ever since then, Bishop has been trying to convince his brother to join back with Utrom High Council, even though the former now considers the latter as a traitor.


Annihilation Earth!

Initially perceived as hostile for being a Kraang, Bishop explains his background as an Utrom, and how the Utroms are a peaceful group of Kraang who defected and how they oppose the Kraang Hive Mind. Bishop, who uses a Norman suit, explains that he was the original designer of the Normans. He also reveals that Kraang Subprime was himself once an Utrom, but defected to the Kraang. Bishop wins over the Turtles' trust and helps them fight against the simultaneous invasions of both the Kraang and Triceratons.

It was later revealed that Bishop had escaped from the Triceraton attack on the Technodrome by riding Leatherhead to shore. He rejoined the Turtles to help them disable the Heart of Darkness. However, the Triceratons destroyed Bishop's suit and he scuttled off.

The War for Dimension X

Bishop encounters the Turtles again, but this time, in Dimension X. Given how this encounter takes place months before Annihilation: Earth, this is technically the first time Bishop meets the turtles. The Turtles and the Fugitoid find the Utrom headquarters, cleverly hidden behind a cloaking dome. Upon being surrounded by Kraangdroids loyal to the Utroms and Bishop, the Fugitoid is able to show Bishop that he is the Utroms' old friend, Prof. Honeycutt, with their secret handshake, and Bishop takes them inside to meet the rest of the Utrom Council, consisting of Pawn, a French-speaking Utrom Kraangdroid, Rook, the human disguise of Irma that Kraang Subprime had been disguised as, and the Utrom Queen, who takes the appearance of Miss Campbell.

The Utrom Council acknowledge the deeds of the Turtles. The Turtles and the Fugitoid explain to them about their goal of collecting the pieces of the Black Hole Generator in order to destroy it and save the Earth and request the Utroms' help. But before the Utrom Queen can make the decision, Kraang Subprime and several Kraangdroids and Bio-troids arrive through portals, and attack the gathered heroes. During the conflict, the Utrom Queen's Miss Campbell body is electrocuted, forcing her to abandon it before she is captured by Kraang Subprime.

Back at the Utrom Council's headquarters, Bishop announces that with the Utrom Queen's capture, the Utroms are going to war with the Kraang, and summons the Utromdroids. Bishop says he'll consider providing the location of the remaining pieces of the black hole generator in exchange for Honeycutt and the Turtles' aid.

At Kraang Subprime's headquarters, Mikey, Raph, Mona, and Sal Commander are able to rescue the Utrom Queen, but have to deal with Kraang Subprime summoning a Dracodroid to stop them. Luckily, Bishop and the other Utroms arrive, and a battle ensues. Bishop confronts Kraang Subprime, referring to him under his old Utrom name as Knight before he allied with Kraang Prime, and is able to overpower and seemingly defeat him, despite taking some damage to his own human disguise as well. The surviving Kraangdroids are rounded up by the Utromdroids, and Bishop discloses the location of where the other two fragments are so the Turtles can find them and destroy them once and for all.

Tokka vs. The World

At a military base, Bishop speaks to the general in charge named General Griffen, explains Tokka to him, and knows that Tokka would only come to Earth for certain reasons, even when the general asks for Utrom assistance to deal with Tokka.

Later at the TCRI building, the Turtles team split ways to find the solution to deal with Tokka. However, Mikey and Casey are soon confronted by EPF soldiers, who immediately deem them hostile and attack them with smoke grenades. As for Leo, Raph, and Donnie, they find all the captured Kraang Stealth Ships and commandeer one, but are soon attacked by the EPF soldiers and surrounded, but Bishop gets them to stand down, before explaining how he has become an ambassador to Earth to help the EPF increase their defenses against alien threats. However, when Raph reveals Chompy, Bishop is horrified they brought him to Earth and demands they hand him over, but Raph refuses. To make matters worse, General Griffen has ordered the commander and his troops to apprehend the Turtles. Bishop tries to overrule him, but the commander refuses to defy Griffin's orders, leaving Bishop to deal with the troops while the Turtles take another Kraang Stealth Ship to take Chompy back to Tokka.

Bishop finishes off the troops engaging him, before contacting the troops engaging Tokka and orders them to withdraw, but once again, orders from General Griffen overrule him. Bishop confronts Griffen about this, but after Bishop defeats the troops, Griffen faces him personally.

After the situation with Tokka has resolved, Bishop holds his ground against General Griffen, but because of the former's actions, Griffin considers ending the agreement with the Utroms and Dimension X. Before he can finish off Bishop, he's tasered by Casey, knocking him out, allowing Casey, Mikey, and Bishop to celebrate.

When Worlds Collide

At the Utrom High Council, Queen, Pawn, and Rook are concerned about what's happening at the Dimension X and ask Bishop to investigate. Bishop agrees to take an Earth Protection Force commando team to deal with the Newtralizer and the recent arrivals of Mona and Sal Commander on Earth as well. Soon enough, Bishop and the EPF commandos attack Sal Commander and Mikey after they split up from Raphael and Mona.

After Mona and Raph rescue Mikey and Sal Commander, they are surrounded by Bishop and the EPF commando team. Thankfully, once Raphael and Mikey explain that Mona and Sal Commander are the ones who helped the Utroms previously in Dimension X with the Kraang, Bishop and the EPF release them and agree to aid them against Newtralizer, with Bishop acting as the bait to draw Newtralizer out. Karai and Leonardo team with Donatello and April to investigate and ambush the Newtralizer. Despite their best attempts, Newtralizer proves too powerful, and once Leo and Karai (along with Donnie and April) arrive before Newtralizer can eat Bishop, who has them retreat back to the Utrom High Council chamber, where Rook reveals a device that could help deal with Newtralizer, but he arrives, disables Queen's Miss Campbell body, decapitates Rook, and nearly eats Pawn, before Bishop leads the Turtles and everyone else back to NYC. However, as they fight Newtralizer at a power substation where he fought Leo, Karai, Donnie, and April earlier, where April weakened him with water, he manages to apparently electrocute and disintegrate Mikey. Enraged, Raphael zaps him with Rook's weapon, but before it can destroy him completely, electromagnetic interference saves Newtralizer.

The reason soon presents itself: Newtralizer's old friend and ally, and the one that the Turtles hoped they would never see again: Lord Vringath Dregg, now in a new living command ship, which quickly begins laying Vreen eggs to begin taking over the city. As Newtralizer retreats to the ship, the Turtles, April, Karai, Salamandrians, and Bishop look up in disbelief and shock as things have just gone from bad to worse. The episode concludes with Karai and Leonardo looking up into the sky in horror as Lord Dregg's ship hovers overhead, and Vreen insects start infesting the city.

Before anyone can react, Leonardo gets abruptly seized and captured by a Vreen insect, who abducts him to Lord Dregg's ship. Concerned by this, Karai reaches out to save him...to no avail. She watches in horror as more Vreen insects hover overhead before being tackled down by a Vreen who also tries to capture her. More Vreen come, attacking the Turtles and their allies. Sal Commander and Mona Lisa are eventually able to fight off the Vreen with their laser guns. The group is forced to retreat (lead by Bishop) but Sal Commander is also captured and abducted to Dregg's ship. The others are forced to retreat and find somewhere to hole up for the time being. The group takes shelter inside an abandoned warehouse, and barricades the walls and entrenches. During that time, Bishop blames Mona for Dregg's invasion, citing that he must have followed her here when they came looking for Newtralizer. As Raphael, Donnie, April, Karai, Mona Lisa, and Bishop avoid the Vreen swarming the city, they are shocked to find the Channel 6 building being made into a hive where the citizens of New York are being taken by the Vreen to be cocooned as Dregg's prisoners.

Soon after, Newtralizer arrives to finish them off, but in a strange twist, Michelangelo reappears, now sporting powers similar to Newtralizer, and still very much alive, but despite his aid, Donnie and Karai are captured as well by more Vreen, leaving April, Raph, Mikey, Mona, and Bishop to return to the lair to regroup and plan their next attack. On Dregg's ship, Newtralizer complains about destroying the whole planet, but Dregg intents to capture the human/Terran population and make them into living egg sacs for his Vreen army.

Back with the good guys, Bishop will have the Earth Protection Force send in a team to help deal with the Vreen and Dregg's command ship, while April, Mona, Raph, and Bishop attempt to provide a distraction with the Turtle Mech for Mikey to infiltrate and free the others. After the EPF forces are overpowered and forced to regroup, the Turtle Mech does its best to deal with Dregg's command ship before being destroyed, attempting to weaken it with pesticide and fire, which helps as further damage from within allows the EPF to take notice and resume their own attack from the outside to cause even more damage.

After Raphael, Mona, April, and Bishop get inside, Mikey frees Sal Commander, Leo, Donnie, and Karai, and after Raphael gives Dregg a good dose of electrocution, knocking him out cold after Mona sees he's vulnerable to it after zapping him with Rook's weapon, Mikey and Sal Commander end up in the power core of Dregg's ship, where when Newtralizer is about to take out Mikey for good, Sal Commander gets his vengeance for the wounds Newtralizer gave him by knocking him into the ship's power core, setting off a chain reaction that causes Newtralizer to overload the power core with his own electrical abilities, threatening to destroy the ship, and everyone on it. Mikey puts himself in harm's way with his powers to try and delay the inevitable to give everyone else time to abandon ship.

Realizing its fate, Dregg's ship takes flight in a vain attempt to escape, but after everyone else bails out and lands on a rooftop, they watch as Dregg's ship explodes, hopefully killing the alien warlord once and for all, and the Newtralizer as well. Mikey soon emerges completely unharmed and alive, and as everyone celebrates, Bishop uses the device meant for Newtralizer to remove Mikey's electrical powers, but rendering him stripped of his ninja gear and clothes as well, leaving him naked, save for his shell. The mission over, Mona and Sal Commander prepare to return to Salamandria to report to their general of what has transpired, but Mona requests that she be transferred to Earth to protect it from further threats. Understanding her reasons for staying, Sal Commander grants his Lieutenant her request, and after Raphael silences Bishop when he tries to counter this (by beheading him), Raphael suggests that Mona hook up with the Mighty Mutanimals and work with them. With that, Mona Lisa and Raphael kiss and caress. Though April admires this, the others (Karai, Leo, Donnie and Mikey) are largely disgusted and unsettled.


Bishop is a Kraang Norman who wears shades to differentiate himself from other Kraang droids. Likewise, his Kraang form looks exactly like a normal Kraang.


Bishop is an technical genius as he is directly responsible for creating the Norman disguises and other Utrom technology. Likewise, he is very formidable when it comes to combat. On several occasions, Bishop can easily subdue the Turtles in a fight, as well as is capable of taking on hordes of Kraang, Triceratons, and Earth Protection Force alike. Also, he wields a pair of Utrom Laser Pistols as his signature weapons of choice.


Bishop is a helpful and caring Utrom. He made a Utrom vow not to deal with Earthly matters but broke it to warn the turtles about the Triceratons.



  • This version of Bishop is much more heroic than the one from the 2003 TMNT series.
  • Bishop was the one who originally created the Kraangdroid body and Norman suit.
  • The concept of Bishop having a artificial robotic body used in this series was incorporated into his IDW Comics incarnation, where in that series he was a deformed human (as a result of being born prematurely) instead of an Utrom.


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