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Bjorn is the first and main character in the Peggle series. He is a Unicorn of Scandinavian descent who identifies himself as the head of the Peggle Institute. In Peggle Blast, it is revealed that he has an evil, "challenging" brother named Fnord.




While not the brightest character, Bjorn proves to be the most courageous and outgoing of the Peggle Masters, as he is always the first character that the player will meet on every campaign in the series. In Peggle Blast, he proves his bravery by providing hope and guidance to the player while they battle his evil brother Fnord.


In all the Peggle installments, Bjorn uses an ability known as the "Super Guide". Upon activation of a green peg, increases the trajectory of the player's shot to reflect an additional bounce from the ball. This ability proves useful for configuring solutions to create long shots or even slides. The trail is projected by a rainbow. As an accessory, the googles on his forehead are equipped upon using the super guide.

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