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Blackagar Boltagon. Keeper of the Terrigen Mists. The Inhuman King.
~ Baron Mordo to Doctor Strange, introducing Black Bolt.
I'm sorry.
~ Black Bolt to Supreme Strange before killing him.

Blackagar Boltagon, also known as Black Bolt, is a supporting character in the 2022 film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

He is an alternate version of his Earth-199999 counterpart who is member of the Illuminati, and assisted the team in defeating the mad Titan Thanos during the Infinity War. Appearing for the trial of Doctor Strange, Black Bolt was killed by Scarlet Witch during her search for another copy of the Darkhold.

He was portrayed by Anson Mount, who also played main universe counterpart in Marvel's Inhumans, Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Discovery and voiced Sebastian Castellanos in The Evil Within, and Batman in the 2021 Injustice animated film.



Not much is known about this version of Black Bolt's past, but he was born into the Inhuman royal family and was given his hypersonic voice by going through Terrigenesis when he was young. Though gifted the power to destroy anything in his path with his voice, he couldn't speak due to causing an accidental death. Once he reached adulthood, Black Bolt became the king of the Inhumans and the keeper of the Terrigen mist. Due to his power, the sorcerer supreme Stephen Strange offered him a position into the Illuminati alongside the mutant telepath Professor X, the brilliant scientist Mr. Fantastic, the super soldier Captain Carter and cosmic defender Captain Marvel.

When the mad Titan Thanos commenced his plan to wipe out half of the universe, Black Bolt and the Illuminati worked together to stop him. During the war, Strange used the Darkhold to find a solution within the multiverse, but he was slowly corrupted and caused an incursion in another universe. Despite failing with the Darkhold, Strange was able to learn of the Book of Vishanti, and the Illuminati used it to defeat Thanos on his home planet. Supreme Strange then revealed his actions in causing the destruction of a universe, and the Illuminati decided to put him to death. Black Bolt was tasked with executing his teammate, but told Strange that he was sorry before obliterating him with his voice.

Upon the end of the war, the Illuminati decided to cover up Strange's death, instead telling the public he died heroically battling Thanos. The team also replaced Strange with the sorcerer Karl Mordo, who was given a position on their council while also becoming the new sorcerer supreme.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

When Doctor Strange of Earth-199999 arrived to Earth-838, the Illuminati had him apprehend so they could put him on trial. Black Bolt find himself irritated with this version of Strange, who mocked his name and appearance despite being warned by Captain Carter. Bolt then watched as Professor X and Mr. Fantastic explained that after their experience with Supreme Strange, they believe any version of him could be a threat to any universe. Before they could make their final judgment, Scarlet Witch arrived via dream-walking through her Earth-838 counterpart and started to search for America Chavez. Before he could use his voice to kill her, Maximoff used her magic to remove his mouth, causing him to panic. Black Bolt then scream, but this resulted in his head exploding from the inside, killing him. Excluding Mordo, the Illuminati met their end to Scarlet Witch, who continued on her quest to capture Chavez until she was defeated.



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