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Batman: You've been out of the fight a long time. You have a family.
Black Canary: You're family, too, Bruce. I couldn't be there to finish the fight against Superman. I'm DAMN sure finishing THIS one.
~ Black Canary to Batman.

Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Canary, is a major character in the 2017 video game, Injustice 2. She is also set to appear in the animated film adaptation simply titled Injustice. She is a meta-human vigilante of the Batman's Team after the fall of the Regime on an alternate Earth where Superman has become an unscrupulous tyrant. She is also the wife of Green Arrow and mother of Connor Lance-Queen.

She was voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who also voiced her counterpart in Young Justice, Mouse in Fish Hooks, Eva in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Dr. Naomi in No More Heroes, Sarah Kerrigan in Heroes of the Storm and Hera Syndulla in Star Wars franchise.


Like most of her incarnations, Dinah is a woman with purpose, kindness, and a deep sense of justice. Since Superman became a dictator, Dinah lives with deep regret for not having been able to do anything during this period and it is for this reason that she refuses to give up now.

She is also a very good friend of Batman and Harley Quinn, even including the Dark Knight in her family by her own confession, showing that she has a deep sense of family and friendship.

Faced with villainy, Dinah does not back down against the Super-Villains, as shown in her confrontation with Society or Brainiac.

Powers & Abilities

  • Peak Human Durability: Dinah is physically more fit and muscular than the average for normal women and men. She was able to do battle with skilled fighters, gorillas and even meta-humans.
  • Peak Human Strength: Dinah's strength is at the peak of the human condition. She could easily wreak havoc on an improved human like Bane.
  • Martial Arts: Dinah is a formidable melee fighter and a skillful martial artist.
  • Supersonic Scream: She can generate extremely powerful ultrasound called "Canary Cry" with which Dinah can easily damage certain structures or bring down large enemies.


Contacted by Bruce, Dinah and Ollie go to the Wayne Tower and then are taken to the new Batcave located under the foundations of Gotham. Bruce then shows them his latest surveillance and communications device named Brother Eye before revealing to his friends that after the regime's dissolution, the global security vacuum has set in and leaves the world vulnerable. Worse yet, Gorilla Grodd has created his own team of super-villains. The duo then take off with Harley Quinn for the swamps where Scarecrow plans to deliver its terror gas to Grodd.

Arriving discreetly, the trio are quickly captured by Poison Ivy and subjected to the gas of terror until Harley defeats both Ivy and Scarecrow. After destroying several enemy boats, the trio are confronted by Swamp Thing who coldly reproaches them for the harm done to the Green. Dinah and Ollie are then incapacitated by the Plant Colossus and remain unconscious until Harley convinces Swamp Thing that they are on the same side. Unfortunately, the Scarecrow takes the opportunity to escape.

The trio later fly to Gorilla City in order to take out Grodd on their own. When Oliver goes to tell the babysitter that he and Dinah will be home late, Bruce offers Dinah to let Blue Beetle and Firestorm take care of the rest but she chooses to continue the mission. Bruce reminds her that she has a family, just for Dinah to include him in it while admitting her regret that she didn't help defeat Superman so she doesn't plan on giving up this time around.

Arrived at the enemy, the trio spy on Grodd's speech to his army with the members of his team which he names the Company composed of Poison Ivy, Deadshot, Cheetah, Bane, Catwoman, Scarecrow and Captain Cold. Dinah then tells Harley to turn the engines on when needed while she and Green Arrow quietly follow Grodd and his minions. Taking advantage of the gorilla being alone with Catwoman and Bane, the heroic duo confront them and Black Canary knocks them down with his super scream. Successively, they beat Catwoman and Bane but being able to pursue Grodd, Dr. Fate comes to stand in their way because he wants to save them from something worse than Grodd, even going so far as to take them by force. With the wizard defeated and regaining his senses, Dinah and Oliver confront Grodd and his gorilla minions as they've just subdued Harley. The duo ultimately manage to defeat the evil gorilla but become confused when they laugh despite being defeated, followed by the appearance of an alien ship which then teleports the two heroes aboard.

Inspecting the scene, the duo soon come face to face with the ship owner and the mastermind behind Grodd, Brainiac. The Coluan quickly overpowered the couple with his mechanical tentacles, despite Dinah's tenacity. When Brainiac announces his plans to capture Superman, Dinah admits that the Kryptonian is not their friend, only so that Brainiac doesn't already know and reveal that he's also interested in Earth.

Dinah is not seen again until towards the end of the game, where she is subjected to Grodd's mind control and sent to the mystical city of Kahndaq to conquer her. Accompanied by Green Arrow and a few gorillas, Black Canary arrives on the scene and confronts Black Adam and Aquaman. She is the first to be defeated. Later, Dinah and Oliver wake up, freed from Mind Control after Aquaman kills Grodd. She is not seen again afterwards.


Story Mode

Black Canary: I was surprised you called, Bruce. Things seem to be going well. So what's up?
Batman: Dismantling the Regime created gaps in global security. We're covering them where we can, but we're stretched thin. Vulnerable.
~ Black Canary learns of the situation.
Harley: That's a lot more than a few Society members...it's ALL of 'em!
Black Canary: They're headed indoors, outta sight from the soldiers. Harley, keep the jet warm. When we signal, bail us out.
~ Black Canary to Harley in Gorilla City.
Black Canary: A traitor again, Selina? I don't know why Bruce ever trusted you.
Catwoman: I've got nine lives, Dinah. I'm only a traitor in MOST of them.
Black Canary: So much for "nine lives".
~ Black Canary about to fights Catwoman.
Bane: Little birdy, you will sing a song of pain!
Black Canary: Oh, I'll sing a song...but YOU'LL feel the pain!
~ Black Canary against Bane.
Gorilla Grodd: You've overstayed your welcome.
Black Canary: We're happy to check-out, but you're coming with us.
~ Black Canary comfronts Grodd.
Black Canary: How's your head?
Green Arrow: Empty.
Black Canary: So not much has changed.
~ Black Canary after she and Green Arrow are released from Mind Control, also her last words in the game.
Black Canary: We'll NEVER serve you!
Brainiac: Serve? I am no petty despot. I collect worlds, preserving their essential knowledge to enhance my intellect...and, then, I discard the remnants.
~ Black Canary stands up to Brainiac.


Catwoman: Barbara says we should kiss and make up.
Black Canary: We've got a few things to discuss first
Catwoman: Then let's clear the air, Dinah.
~ Black Canary to Catwoman.
Black Canary: What's on tap today, Minerva?
Cheetah: I have a tast for canary.
Black Canary: You're gonna go home hungry.
~ Black Canary to Cheetah.
Black Canary: You were a jerk to Bruce.
Aquaman: You will address me as Royalty.
Black Canary: You were a jerk to Bruce, your highness.
~ Black Canary to Aquaman.
Black Canary: You want anger? I've got anger.
Atrocitus: What use your rage?
Black Canary: Being a woman in a man's world.
~ Black Canary to Atrocitus.
Black Canary: Combats all about controlling conflict.
Darkseid: I mean no instruction in warfare.
Black Canary: There's no other reason for you to be here.
~ Black Canary to Darkseid.




  • In her interactions with Raiden and Sub-Zero, Black Canary is compared to Sindel.
  • Although not appearing in the first game, a photo of her alternate counterpart can be seen at one point.
  • Of all the playable heroic characters in Injustice 2, Black Canary with Green Arrow are the least present in the game, appearing mostly at the start and then spending the majority of the rest of the story as Brainiac's captive.
  • Similar to her Arrowverse counterpart, she knows how to use knives in combat.


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