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...But thanks to him I haven't done so much as jaywalking in years
~ Black Cat muses over her transformation into a hero as a result of Spider-Man's influence

Black Cat was a anti-superheroine from Marvel Comics. Her true name is Felicia Hardy. She occasionally acts as a love interest to Spider-Man. Though she first appeared as a thief, Black Cat eventually began to act in a more heroic capacity, in part due to seeking to win Spider-Man's approval. The two were partners and lovers for a time before Spider-Man ended the relationship due to recognizing that Black Cat loved Spider-Man more than she did Peter Parker.

Though hurt by his rejection and briefly returning to her antagonistic ways, Black Cat eventually stayed heroic and she and Spider-Man maintained a solid friendship. Following his forgetting his marriage to Mary Jane, Spider-Man has begun seeing Black Cat romantically again.

Black Cat has now since became a supervillain and a crime lord. She also now resents Spider-Man. To read more, go to this Black Cat Page.

When the Superior Spider-Man wrapped her up during one of her thieving missions, it caused the authorities to catch her, making her lose everything she had stolen. Since then, she resented Spider-man, swearing vengeance on him. She even became a crime-lord now, making her Neutral Evil.

After her escape from prison she made up an alliance with Electro, and the both of them began to attack Spider-Man and Silk. While Electro was captured Felicia continued rising up in the criminal underworld, the Spider-Woman eventually joined up with Black Cat to work under her. While a ruse on Cindy Moon's part under the orders of S.H.I.E.L.D Felicia did train the girl becoming a twisted mentor figure.

Later on she would encounter Miles Morales, and she offered the newer Spider-Man the chance to work for her like Silk, but he quickly refused the offer attempting to take her back into prison. Ever since she's taken part in several criminal activities in the underworld involving heroes like Star-Lord and Patsy Walker.

After working together with Spider-Man, the original Venom Eddie Brock, and the new Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson), against the Maniac after he took control of her and her gang, Black Cat was able to end her feud with Spider-Man. Despite losing her gang, Brock was able to convince her to give up trying to be a crime boss, and instead return to being a vigilante.

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