Black Knights

The Black Knights(known officially as The Order of the Black Knights) are the main protagonist faction in the anime series Code Geass. They are a group of vigilante rebels formed by Zero (Lelouch vi Britannia) to combat the Holy Britannian Empire. Described by Zero as 'knights for justice', they differentiate themselves from other terrorist groups such as the Japan Liberation Front, who take hostages and kill civilians, though this may simply be a tactic to increase a public support and recruitment. Most members are former Japanese, many of whom have defected from other insurgent groups, though many other peoples, even Britannians may be found among their ranks. Their logo is a Geass Sigil with a sword through it, the same logo used in the spinoff Nightmare of Nunnally, by the Geass Order. After the ratification of the Union States Charter, the Black Knights became the military force of the United Federation of Nations.


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