The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense.
~ Dark Magician's card text.
Black Magician also known in the 4Kids dub as Dark Magician is Yugi's faithful servant and an wizard from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. He is voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas in the English dub and Kazunari Kojima in the Japanese dub.



Black Magician was created when Mahado fused his ba with "Illusion Magician", his ka while fighting Thief King Bakura.

Black Magician fended off the ghosts and battled Diabound. He then continued to serve the Pharaoh in the form of the Black Magician.


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Pyramid of Light

3D Bonds Beyond Time

When "Dark Magician Girl" was Summoned by the effect of "Bond Between Teacher and Student", she became worried when she saw Paradox's monsters. Dark Magician encouraged her that victory can be assured if they joined forces with their master (in the dub, he stated that as magicians, there was no trick they couldn't pull off).


  • This card has many archetypes behind it (namely being Monster, Spell, Trap, Fusion, and Ritual).
  • He serves as a signature card to both Yugi Muto and Dark Yugi.
  • In the first TV anime series, Black Magician's name was "Dark Wizard".
  • Black Magician has several counterparts:
    • A retrained counterpart; "Magician of Black Illusion"
    • An alternate counterpart: "The Black Magician of Pandora"
    • Two advanced counterparts: "Dark Eradicator Warlock" and "Sorcerer of Dark Magic"
    • A Female counterpart: "Black Magician Girl"
    • A "Chaos" counterpart: "Black Magician of Chaos"
    • A "Statue" counterpart: "Statue Black Magician"
    • A "Toon" counterpart: "Toon Black Magician"
    • A Warrior-Type counterpart: "Black Magician's Knight"
    • An Aged counterpart: "Black-Clothed Great Sage"
    • A Fusion counterpart: "Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin"
    • Two Xyz counterparts: "Ebon Illusion Magician" and "Ebon Void Magician"
    • A Match winner Xyz counterpart: "Legendary Magician of Dark"
  • Black Magician Girl is an apprentice to this card.
  • It is the only signature card that is a Spellcaster-type. as the others are Warriors or Dragons. In fact its 2500 ATK value served as the basis of other protagonist's signature cards.
    • Judai Yuki - Elemental Hero Neos (ATK 2500 DEF 2000)
    • Yusei Fudo - Stardust Dragon (ATK 2500 DEF2000)
    • Yuma Tsukomo - Numbers 39: King of Wishes, Hope (ATK 2500 DEF 2000)
    • Yuya Sakaki - Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon (ATK 2500 DEF 2000)
    • Interestingly its the only ace card with the DEF of 2100, though in the Bandai version, it's 2000.


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