The Black Order is the heroic faction in the manga/anime series D.Gray Man. It is a religious organization that works to defeat the Millennium Earl and his army of Akuma. The official, universally recognized emblem of the Black Order is the Rose Cross. The members include Exorcists, Finders and staff such as the branch chief.


Several hundred years before the main story, an artifact known as "The Cube" was found by mankind. Inside were details, left behind by an ancient civilization, of a seven thousand year old war against the Millennium Earl. The Cube told of how the Earl was held at bay, and how future generations would be able to fight against the Earl when he returned to attempt to destroy the world again.

When the Earl returned as the Cube said he would, a group known as the New World Alliance founded the Black Order and charged it with recovering the shards of Innocence to equip them to new Accommodators. One of the Black Order's founders was an illustrious sorcerer who was the founder of the Chang Clan, of which Bak Chang is the current head. So far, forty-one of the one hundred and nine pieces of Innocence have been collected, though this does not account for the pieces that were destroyed when Tyki Mikk began killing Exorcists.

List of Exorcists


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