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I am not the same man than my father, M'Baku. My rage is greater.
~ Black Panther

T'Challa is a protagonist from TV Series The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He was initially the Prince of Wakanda until his father T'Chaka was overthrown and killed by Man-Ape, forcing T'Challa to flee his homeland to find help from the Avengers to save Wakanda, becoming the next Black Panther like his father before him. He ends up defeating Man-Ape and becomes the rightful King of Wakanda.

He is voiced by James C. Mathis III.


T'Challa is a man of responsibilities. He felt guilty for not saving his father, T'Chaka, from Man-Ape's wrath in the challenge of the throne of Wakanda. He dons his new Black Panther suit to go to the outside world for help. He believes in maintaining a close eye on his comrades, which to some may imply that he doesn't trust them as much as he should.

Though some of his tactics may be looked at as distrustful and risky, Black Panther only wants to help others and protect the people of Earth.

Powers & Abilities

By consuming Heart-Shaped Herb, T'Challa's physical abilities are increased tenfold to a superhuman level.

  • Strength: Black Panther has shown himself capable of deftly injuring Ant-Man in his giant form with precise strikes on his pressure points. When confronting Man-Ape, he was able to push the much bigger assailant back several yards. Black Panther's strength appears to be on par with Captain America's.
  • Agility: Black Panther is easily the most agile of the Avengers, having skillfully managed to dodge their attacks during their first confrontation, even avoiding a throw from Captain America's shield.


  • Black Panther Suit: T'Challa's costume is made from Vibranium, making him very durable against physical hits or energy blast. The costume is also designed to resist radioactivity.
  • Vibranium's Claws: Made of a more offensive Vibranium, Black Panther's claws can easily slice through all materials except Adamantium.




  • Unlike the comic books, Black Panther is an only child and his mother is presumably also deceased.