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Clint? Is this my color?
~ Black Widow showing off Red Guardian's shield to Hawkeye.
We're just stories to you. We're not real. You watch us fight, win, lose. Tell me, did you make popcorn while Ultron murdered my friends and burned my world to the ground?
~ Black Widow to Uatu the Watcher.

Natalia Alianovna "Natasha" Romanoff (Russian: Наталья Альяновна "Наташа" Романова), also known as Black Widow, is one of the main characters of the Disney+ animated series What If...?, serving as one of the protagonists of "What If... Ultron Won?" and "What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?".

She is a variant of Black Widow who was one of the few survivors of Infinity Ultron's universal slaughter of organic life. She and Hawkeye have been battling Ultron Sentinels over the years as they attempt to find a way to vanquish him. Black Widow would manage to stop the artificial intelligence with the assistance of the Guardians of the Multiverse and Uatu the Watcher, and was transported to a universe that lost its Black Widow by the hands of Hank Pym.

She is voiced by Lake Bell.


In this universe, Black Widow wears a dark suit, with a shirt with short sleeves, gloves with electric pulses attached to them, a strap with the Red Room emblem on it, trousers with knee-pads, and grey shoulder pads.



Natasha Romanoff's history is similar to her sacred timeline counterpart, being the daughter of Ivan and Sveta Romanoff who was trained in the Red Room to become one of the world's greatest spies. During her tenure, Romanoff befriended the archer Hawkeye and joined the agency S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect the world from threats. Going by the code name "Black Widow", Natasha later joined the Avengers before the events of Ultron's age.

Age of Ultron

Black Widow is one of the very few survivors of Infinity Ultron's genocide of humanity, piloting the Quinjet with Hawkeye as he nukes the Earth with its missiles. In the years following this apocalypse, with Infinity Ultron preoccupied with wiping out all life in the universe, the two search for a way to defeat him, all while being pursued by Ultron's sentinels.

Eventually, Black Widow and Hawkeye reaches the KGB Archives, where they discover that Arnim Zola has his conscious backed up as an AI in a Siberian HYDRA base. They travel to the base and upload Zola's AI into one of the sentinels. Black Widow and Zola escape the base while Hawkeye sacrifices his life to destroy the other sentinels.

However, Zola is unable to override Ultron's AI, as he entered the multiverse to battle the Watcher.

Saving the Multiverse

When the Guardians of the Multiverse arrived to Ultron's home universe during their fight against the artificial intelligence, Black Widow obtained the soul stone from them until she realized that they were on the same side. She was explained the situation that Ultron wants to conqueror the multiverse, and that he needed to be stopped. Once being given the protection spell by Strange Supreme, Romanoff assisted her allies in fighting Ultron, and Gamora was able to use the Infinity Crusher, but learned too late that it wouldn't effect the Infinity Stones since they were different from her universe. After being launched afar from Ultron, Black Widow remembered that Zola's code was embedded in one of Hawkeye's arrows, and had Captain Carter distract the artificial intelligence to shoot the arrow into him. Upon doing so, Zola's consciousness implanted itself into Ultron's mainframe, thus deleting the peacekeeping program.

Upon their victory, Killmonger claimed Ultron's armor to use the Infinity Stones for his own purposes, and attempted to persuade the others to betray the Watcher to no avail. Zola then took control of Ultron's body and proceeded to fight Killmonger to a standstill, which allowed Strange to put the two into a pocket dimension where they would fight for eternity over the stones.

New Universe

As the Guardians of the Multiverse were returned home, Natasha remained since her universe was just a wasteland, and lamented to the Watcher that her suffering was nothing but a story to him. The Watcher then decided to send Romanoff to another universe where its Black Widow was assassinated by Hank Pym, and Loki was invading the Earth with the Einherjar. Black Widow stopped Loki from killing Fury, and t he latter decided to have her join the Avengers with Captain America and Captain Marvel to stop the invasion.



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