The Leader of the Toulon puppets, Blade is considered the most popular puppet among fans, and is the only puppet along with Pinhead and Jester to appear in all of the Puppet Master movies to date.


He is 1'9", weighs 4 lbs, and bears a gothic-styled appearance. He has a gaunt pale face with seemingly empty black eye sockets and long white hair and wears a black trench coat and wide-brimmed hat. According to David Schmoeller (director of the first film), Blade is based on one of his favorite actors, Klaus Kinski.


Blade was created by Andre Toulon and designed after Gestapo Major (Sturmbannführer) Krauss. He has the soul of Dr. Hess, a German scientist and medical doctor. He was used for evil under puppet masters Neil Gallagher, Andre Toulon (in Puppet Master II) and Dr. Magrew, all three of whom he later turned against. He was used for good under Andre Toulon, Danny Coogan, Rick Meyers, Peter Hertz A.K.A. Eric Weiss, and Robert Toulon whom he each served loyally. Blade has a sharp hook for his left hand and a knife for his right hand. He sometimes has spike-shaped "bullet eyes" that pop out of his sockets from time to time. Blade's most common companion is Pinhead in films I-V and Curse of The Puppet Master. Blade also appears in Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation.
Blade Overcoat
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