Blake Langermanm is the unseen protagonist of the horror sequel, Outlast II. A defenceless cameraman, Blake and his wife, Lynn crash in the middle of the Havasupai desert in Arizona searching for the origins of a murdered pregnant woman. Unfortunately, the two are caught in the middle of preacher Sullivan Knoth's deranged cult who believe the brith of the Antichrist is nigh and Lynn is pregnant with it. Surviving the Testament of the New Ezekiel, the Scalled - outcasted cultists inflicted with sexually transmitted diseases and their leader, the deformed, delusional Laird Byron and the Heretics - a splinter faction that want the Antichrist to be born and their perverted leader, Val, Blake eventually rescues Lynn but she dies via childbirth. When Knoth and the Testament all commit suicide, the sun seems to engulf the world, leaving Blake to enter a Comatosed and unresponsive state, but alive.

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