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Aw Jesus, should've prayed for refrigeration.
~ Blake Langermann.
I hope you found your daughter.
~ Blake to Ethan's corpse.

Blake Langermann is the unseen protagonist of the horror sequel, Outlast II.

He is voiced by Shawn Baichoo.

As a child, he is voiced by Noah Nethercott.


A defenceless cameraman, Blake and his wife, Lynn crash in the middle of the Havasupai desert in Arizona searching for the origins of a murdered pregnant woman. Unfortunately, the two are caught in the middle of preacher Sullivan Knoth's deranged cult who believe the birth of the Antichrist is nigh and Lynn is pregnant.

Surviving the Testament of the New Ezekiel, the Scalled - outcasted cultists inflicted with sexually transmitted diseases and their leader, the deformed, delusional Laird Byron and the Heretics - a splinter faction that want the Antichrist to be born and their perverted leader, Val, Blake eventually rescues Lynn but she dies of childbirth. When Knoth and the Testament all commit suicide, the sun seems to engulf the world, leaving Blake to enter a Comatosed and unresponsive state, but alive.

However, it's revealed that that the Murkoff Corporation were behind the events, and Blake's hallucinations were induced by the corporation's local radio towers. Afterward, Pauline Glick and other Murkoff agents investigated Temple Gate, and they discovered Blake alive and still breathing. Notably, Lynn's daughter is nowhere to be found, indicating that Lynn's pregnancy was induced from the radio towers, and her giving birth was all a hallucination.


Early Life

Blake was born in late 1985 or early 1986 to an unnamed couple.

He attended a Catholic school with Lynn (his future wife) and Jessica Grey. One day, Blake was playing hide and seek with Jessica after school, and were caught by Father Loutermilch, who ordered Blake to leave while he "lectured" Jessica. Blake returned upon hearing her scream, and found her corpse on the stairs, seeing her body bloodied and her neck broken. It's implied that Loutermilch was sexually abusing Jessica, and murdered her, and the priest forced Blake to keep quiet and help him cover up the death as a suicide.

Jessica's death affected Blake deeply, as he was guilt-ridden for not saving her, and was still haunted by her death by the events of the game. Blake eventually married Lynn, and he became her cameraman, and went investigating in Arizona to find a missing woman named Anna Lee.


  • He is similar to Miles Upshur from the first game, as both are believed be the chosen one.
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