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I don't think I'm that special at all. Just like everyone else, I want to feel safe at night. That's what Blankman stands for. Every man who looks out of his window, sees something wrong, and decides to do something about it.
~ Blankman
~ Blankman's Theme by Prince & The New Power Generation

Blankman is the titular main protagonist of the 1994 comedy film Blankman. He is potrayed by American actor and comedian Damon Wayans.


Blankman is lanky and unathletic. He wears a red costume and face mask with a white cape made from a curtain, along with yellow latex gloves, a remote control watch, and utility belt he calls "The Blank Belt". The remote control is for his personal robot J-5, and his belt buckle is a two way communicator. As Darryl his appearance is often dorky. He wears a pair of broken glasses held together by tape with one earpiece replaced by a fork.


Darryl Walker is a very selfless, soft spoken and harmless. He loves his Grandmother who was a parental figure to him. Darryl is a very sensitive person, as witnessed when his brother won't wear a belt Darryl crafted for him. For most of his life a favorite hobby of Darryl's was to tinker with junk and invent something new. Darryl also gets very strange but funny anxiety attacks when kissing Kimberly (Blankman's love interest).

Gadgets and Inventions

  • Remote Control Watch (Conjectural): A unique watch with multiple faces, one having a joystick that is used to control J-5.
  • J-5: Blankman's personal robot and sidekick. He is constructed from his grandmother's old fashioned washing machine. In addition, J-5 has flashlights for eyes, a blue pom-pom for a head, and wears a Detroit Tigers hat. He can recognize face and voice, can see, and is semi sentient. Blankman also programmed him to run specialized software via cassette tape and can be used as a vending machine.
  • Two-Way Transceiver Radio Belt: Constructed from a belt strap, a Sucrets tin, a computer board and wiring, it is a two way radio with a tracking device. It can also be used to contact the police.
  • Electric Nunchucks: Nunchucks that are motorized and swing automatically.
  • Stink Bombs: Made from collected flatulence from Kevin while he was asleep. He stores them in an empty spam can on his Blank Belt.
  • The Boot (Conjectural): A boot which can be thrown and retrieved.
  • Handcuffs: A pair of homemade handcuffs.
  • Short-Wave Radio Transceiver (Conjectural): A device Blankman uses to listen to police scanners, though it only works short distance. Made from an old motor oil can and other junk.
  • Speculum of Life: A homemade device used to pry open doors, it requires lubrication and is crank operated. It is made from an old fashioned egg beater from his grandmothers kitchen.
  • Plunger Gun (Conjectural): A multi-functional device that shoots a plunger tied to a line of rope. It is first used to rappel down the elevator where Blankman delivers the baby. It's also used at the end of the film to create a zip-line.
  • Super Slick Blank Goop: A can of lubrication equipped on the Blank Belt. Used to make people slip.
  • The Blank Wheel: A motorcycle Darryl seems to have restored with junk. It only travels along subway tracks and is used to enter The Blank Station.
  • The Blank Screen: Blankman's central computer located at The Blank Station.
  • Rocket Powered Roller Blades (Conjectural): Blankman's boots are equipped with retractable roller blades that are used with the aid of homemade propulsion system. Activated via the button labeled "Rockets" on the Blank Belt.
  • Toaster Plus: A toaster that uses wasted heat from the toaster to cook an egg on an attached pan and heats an attached coffee pot. Once the coffee begins to percolate the eggs flip out onto the toast.
  • Sound-Activated Aerodynamic Insect Predator: A failed invention that was intended to be an automatic fly swatter that is activated by buzzing sounds and responds to movement.
  • TV Remote (Conjectural): Darryl seems to have modified his television remote or constructed a completely new one out of an RC car and a receipt printer.



Darryl Walker grew up in a small apartment with his brother Kevin and grandmother Eleanor in an unknown urban city located in the United States. Growing up, his neighborhood was lively and friendly. He and his brother would not always get along, but would often watch the 1960's Batman television series together. They used to love to imitate Batman and Robin's iconic fight scenes. At a young age, Darryl was able to boost his televisions reception by construing an assortment of kitchen utensils, pots, pans and aluminum foil into a line that connected from his televisions antenna to his toilet's lift chain.

Early adulthood

The neighborhood Darryl grew up in has changed, with an increase of crime and decrease in police action. Later in life, Darryl got a job as an appliance repairman and would often tinker creating new gadgets while on the job. His brother Kevin worked as a tabloid news cameraman, and both still lived with their grandmother. Eleanor worked as a supporter for running candidate for Mayor, Marvin Harris, who promises to fight the crime and corruption that has risen in his city. Darryl also created his personal robot and friend J-5.

Becoming Blankman

New Project.png

After a dispute between a local mob boss Mayor Minelli and Mayor Harris, Eleanor was killed in retaliation. This tragic death opened Darryl's eyes to the amount of crime that has infested his city. Darryl worked throughout the night creating his super hero costume out of his bathroom, along with a costume for his brother.

Without a name or the support of his brother, he dawned the red suit and begins his first patrol. For his first feat, he attempts to save what seems to be a hooker being beaten by a pimp in an alley. He is eventually saved by his brother Kevin. Later that week, Darryl and Kevin are approached by a child who claims a pregnant woman is stuck in an elevator. Darryl wears the suit again, and delivers the baby in the elevator. A crowd of people await outside the elevator as Darryl ascends up the shaft with the new born baby. He is congratulated and asked his name, but is unable to out of his quirky anxiety. Kevin responds, "he's gone blank ma'am", which was misheard and interpreted to become Blankman.

Blankman would go on to become a recognized local hero after appearing on the front page of the local newspaper. He continued fighting crime, with some notable feats being actively defending local liquor stores from robberies, preventing home burglaries and rescuing pets. Blankman then caught the attention of his future girlfriend Kimberly Jonz, a news reporter on the station TV3.

The Blank Station

After Kevin forced Darryl to take all of the junk out of their apartment, Blankman and J-5 scoured the streets seeking a "Fortress of Solitude", until they came across an abandoned subway station. Inside, he constructed a workshop full of random contraptions made from junk. Outside it appears as an abandoned train station. He calls it The Blank Station.

Since Darryl's brother Kevin worked at the news station, he offered Kimberly a chance to interview Blankman in hopes he can gain her attention. After the interview is scheduled, Blankman arrives to pick up Kimberly at a Subway Station on his motorcycle, "The Blank Wheel", which has been modified to ride along subway tracks. Blankman takes Kimberly to The Blank Station, and enters by riding along the subway tracks which lead to false doors that appear as a boarded up wall. During the interview, Blankman reveals his motivations and the tragic death of his grandmother to Kimberly. She falls for Blankman, finding his creative ability and selflessness admirable. Here she kisses Blankman for the first time, and Darryl's first kiss from a woman other than his grandmother.

Attacks on Blankman Day

On a new local holiday dubbed "Blankman Day", Blankman was giving a speech to local citizens in front of the grand opening of First City Bank. He carelessly thanks Kimberly Jonz, putting her in danger as one of Minelli's men were in attendance. After the speech Minelli's men stormed into the bank, locking everyone but Mayor Harris out. Harris was chained to the bank's vault door with explosives attached to him. Blankman arrives but is too late, as there wasn't enough time to defuse all the bombs. Before Blankman escapes, he reveals his identity to Harris and his relationship to Eleanor. He is rushed out of the Bank by Harris, as the First City Bank explodes along with and Mayor Harris.

Blankman mourns the loss of Mayor Harris and goes into hiding for a while. Darryl feels guilt for what happened as all he wanted to do was help. After some convincing from Kevin, he decides to give up crime fighting all together and get a normal job at McDonalds. Meanwhile the crooked boss from the tabloid that Kevin works at, Mr. Stone, is trying to negotiate a deal with Michael Minelli for an exclusive interview in exchange for Blankman. Mr. Stone informs Minelli about the relationship between Kimberly and Blankman.

The scene cuts to Kimberly Jonz reviewing video footage of Blankman. She makes a connection and figures out who killed Blankman's grandmother. As she calls the Walker residence, Minelli arrives with a gun pointed to her head. He steals the phone and tells (who he presumes is Blankman) to get to the TV station if he wants to see Kimberly ever again. Kevin puts down the phone and rushes to find Darryl at his job. He informs him that Minelli was responsible for Eleanor's death and Minelli is holding Kimberly hostage. Darryl is shocked and also hears from his brother that he with him and will help take down Minelli.

Saving Kimberly

Darryl and Kevin arrive inside The Blank Station. Similar to Batman, Darryl has a central computer he calls "The Blank Screen", where he and Kevin strategize by remapping a basic model of the entire news building from the building's floor plan and blueprint. After the strategy is formed, Darryl and Kevin rush to "The Blank Suits" which are also displayed in an homage to Batman. Blankman and Kevin now set off toward the news station, where Minelli is keeping Kimberly and Mr. Stone hostage.

In heroic fashion, Blankman and Kevin crash through the windows on one of the upper floors. As they are greeted Kevin is dubbed "Other Guy" by Minelli. They confront Minelli, but are quickly engaged by his men. Blankman tells Kevin, "You know what time it is, back to back!", referencing to back when they were kids imitating their heros on screen. They fight off Minelli's men, before Minelli stops the fighting with a gunshot to the air. With his gun pointed at Blankman and Kevin, he traps them into a large fish tank that is slowly being filled with water.

Before Minelli escapes, he tells Blankman that he's planted a bomb inside the building that will detonate in five minutes. By the time Minelli escapes, the water is already up to Blankman and Kevin's chest, making the glass hard to break. Blankman knows that his robot J-5 is on his way, but time is running out as the tank begins to fill completely with water. J-5 arrives but can't understand the now submerged Blankman, luckily he recognizes Kimberly. Kimberly tells J-5 to do something to save them. J-5 drills two small holes making the glass weak enough for them to break.

Now free, Blankman kisses Kimberly once more and sets off to locate the bomb. He inserts a tape into J-5, enabling "Anti-Terrorist Butt Hound Bomb Sniffing Mode", where J-5 can sniff out a bomb similar to a police dog. They locate the source coming from the women's bathroom, where Darryl is reluctant to enter. Kevin shoves his brother in and locate a sack full of explosives inside one of the stalls. Similar to the incident at the First City Bank, there are too many explosives to defuse. Without any other choice, Blankman activates J-5 to become a bomb disposal unit and plants the explosives inside of J-5.

Now that the bombs have been neutralized, Blankman and Kevin go back to Kimberly and Mr. Stone. While Blankman unchains Kimberly, Mr. Stone is left dangling in his wheelchair as Kevin begins to pretend to panic. Blankman quietly tells Kimberly to "play-along". Kevin continues, saying that he and Blankman messed up, that they couldn't find the bomb and they don't have enough time to save him. As they escape Blankman clears the sidewalk of pedestrians and wishes J-5 good luck before running to cover. The bombs detonate and J-5 contains most if not all of the explosion. Seconds later, J-5 appears to have survived but begins to short circuit and falls into pieces. Blankman becomes devastated and emotional at the loss of his friend, and swears to take down Minelli.

Minelli, You're Going Down

Minelli, back at his hideout, is watching Kimberly give latest news report on Blankman. He quickly comments "He got away, I don't believe it!", and Blankman responds from up high "Well you better believe it you diabolical villain." Minelli orders one of his men to shoot them. Kevin not knowing his suit isn't bullet proof begins flaunting as if he isn't worried. Blankman tries to tell him that it isn't but is too late. Kevin gets shot near his shoulder and falls down to the floor below. Blankman pulls out his Plunger Gun and zip-lines across the room crashing into a portrait of Minelli. Minelli's men rush Blankman, but his crash causes some overhead storage to crash down on them.

Other Guy gets his bearings and passes Blankman his Electric Nunchucks. Blankman swings his weapon defeating most of Minelli's men. The nunchucks start to malfunction as Sammy the Blade points a gun at him. Blankman kicks the gun away and the two start to wrestle. Sammy slams Blankman through a table, then Blankman hits him back and crushes him under the lid of a grand piano. Blankman turns his attention to Minelli who now has a gun pointed at Other Guy. Without anytime to hesitate, Blankman activates built in rocket powered roller blades and throws a boot, disarming Minelli. He pushes Minelli onto a service cart and through several doors, crashing his head through each one, and personally loads Minelli into the back of the police truck awaiting outside.

The next day a parade was held in honor of Blankman and his mysterious unnamed friend. The current mayor gives a speech and awards Blankman the first "Harris Award" for outstanding community service.


*Sighs* You wouldn't understand
~ Darryl Walker
Then slap me around and call me Susan
~ Blankman
Kevin, this is my calling. I have to make the world a safer place for my children.
~ Darryl Walker
I'm not leaving here, guard-darn it, until I see the commissioner!
~ Blankman
Michael "The Suit" Minelli, you'll never get away with this you diabolical fiend.
~ Blankman
Eleanor Walker was my grandmother, she really believed in you.
~ Blankman's final words to Harris
Is this the end of our episode? Will the dynamic duo defy their death-defying drowning death trap? Or will...
~ Blankman
Minelli, you're going down!
~ Blankman
See you in 20 years Minelli!
~ Blankman


  • Darryl has a comic strip of Buck Rogers framed in his bedroom.
  • Darryl also has a small poster featuring The Incredible Hulk fighting Thing.
  • The official location of Blankman's city is unconfirmed. The movie likely takes place in Chicago, IL but was partly filmed in Los Angeles. On the podium when Harris is announcing the First City Bank on television, there is an insignia that partly reads "City of Chicago", and The Blank Wheel has an Illinois license plate. On the other hand, J-5 has a Detroit Tigers baseball cap and part of Other Guy's uniform is a college sweater that reads Michigan.
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