Blanky (The Brave Little Toaster)
Blanky is the main character in the film The Brave Little Toaster and its direct-to-video sequels.


He is a child-like electric blanket who loves to snuggle with other appliances. He lives in an old cottage with his four household friend, and their Master hasn't been with them for years. He is one of Toaster's four sidekicks who joins in on a quest to find the Master (whom Blanky really admires him). He carries a picture of the Master around during a travel to the city. At the field, Blanky befriended a group of mice, which they pulled him into his hole and Toaster rescues him. At the dark forest, Blanky made himself a tent for his friends to camp out.


  • Blanky is voiced by Timothy E. Day in the first movie and Eric Lloyd in the sequels.
  • Blanky is voiced by an adult male in the Hungarian and Serbian dubs.
  • Blanky is also voiced by a female in, at least, the German dub (in which, due to the word for "blanket" in said language, "die Decke," being feminine, Blanky is a female).
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