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RID2015art Blastwave

Blastwave is a mute Autobot bounty hunter in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


Despite being unable to talk all that much due to suffering some sort of injury relatively similar to Bumblebee before him, Blastwave is a high-tech weapons base amongst the Autobots. A "shoot first, ask questions never" type of bounty hunter, he has the weapon expertise to know exactly what equipment it takes to blow an enemy Decepticon into scrap.


Blastwave was in pursuit of the rogue Autobot Nightra, who stole his Light Bender and bounty hunter ID badge and fled to Earth. Following the fugitive, he encountered Bee Team, who believed that he was the criminal and Nightra was the bounty hunter. He fired upon Nightra, causing her to flee and for Bee Team to retaliate. Blastwave mopped the floor with them-using Grimlock as a weapon no less-and then went back to his ship. He then tracked Strongarm and Bumblebee's signals as they looked for Nightra. He promptly opened a space bridge right next to them, grabbed Nightra, and left.

He was placing Nightra in a containment unit when Bee Team came to stop him. Nightra escaped again and Blastwave was thrown in the cell meant for her. In the cell, Bee Team finally realized that Blastwave was an Autobot, who spoke to them using Cybertronian Sign Language, setting the record straight. He was released and helped save Bee Team from being sucked out into the void of space. A captured Nightra was given to Blastwave by Strongarm as well as his badge and Light Bender. Blastwave was pleased.



  • Blastwave's toy bio lacks any pronouns to determine a suitable gender. He was eventually confirmed to be male by his appearance in the cartoon.
  • Despite being a fairly extensive retool affecting nearly every area of his Robots in Disguise: Combiner Force Warrior Class toy, Blastwave's toy packaging art and on-screen character model are blatantly an unchanged yet recolored Megatronus body with only a new head and chest.


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