Are you a tough guy?
~ Tinker Bell to Blaze

Blaze is a character from the Disney Fairies franchise, first appearing in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. He is also a Tinker Bell puppy after her baby grows fond of her.


Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Blaze is first seen when he is running away from a bat that wants to eat him, manages to escape him and crashes into Tink's balloon, but the fairy doesn't notice. After a while during the journey Tink starts to get hungry, but when he looks in his food stash he finds Blaze who has eaten everything and therefore angry Tink chases him away, Blaze pretends to leave but instead of doing so he decides to secretly follow Tink who is going to look for the legendary magic mirror. Later Tink tries to read the map he has to get to the treasure, but it's too dark and he can't make it, but then Blaze starts shedding light on her and finally Tink lets him stay. When the two arrive at their destination, Tink tells Blaze to stay where she is from the balloon while she goes inside the cave to look for the treasure in the cave. While Tink is off the balloon thanks to a strong gust of wind flies away and Blaze runs to warn Tink that he does not listen to her, and when he sees the balloon fly away, he throws the blame on Blaze. The two begin to follow him but the wind knocks them down. The next day Tink wakes up scattered and hungry. As Blaze goes in search of food, he finds the wreck where the Magic Mirror is said to be. Tink finds the magic mirror but accidentally wastes the one wish, unwittingly asking Blaze to shut up for at least a minute. Desire wasted, Tink bursts into tears admitting his faults and says he wishes Terence were there with her. In fact, Terence followed her there after finding her plans to build the balloon. Terence soon becomes a friend of Blaze, but the trio is then attacked by a pack of rats. Blaze distracts the rats with his light allowing Tink and Terence to escape, then Tink uses Blaze's light to create huge shadows and scares the rodents away and saves Blaze. Blaze reunites with Tink and Terence and retake the balloon found by Terence, as they return to Pixie Hollow, Tink realizes that the Scepter of Light is not irreparable and they fix it along the way. Back home, the three are welcomed as heroes and peace returns to Pixie Hollow.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

In this film, Blaze is first seen with fairies going to earth to bring about the change of season. He is seen with Vidia and Tink's other friends building the boat to go and rescue Tink. He is also seen at the end with Tink and the others with the Griffiths pick nick and gives Dr. Griffiths three lumps to put in his tea and is then thanked.

Pixie Hollow Games

Blaze makes a cameo in the special TV series.



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