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Blaze is an supporting character in the videogame series Mortal Kombat and the final boss of Armageddon. He is fire elemental created by Argus and Delia to give the opponent, the powers of a god.


In his depowered state, Blaze looks like an humanoid being created by either lava or flame in his purest state, he also sports writsband to control better it's flames

In his empowered state, however, Blaze now sport a more hunmoungous look, having now a larger appearance and sporting somewhat similar to a ninja mask.


Blaze sole mission in life is to began the battle of armageddon, However before those events, Blaze has been rather cordial to the heroes namely Kitana, Shujinko or Taven, He is also polite and trusthful about certain thing pertaining aroud the quest of Taven to acquired the power of a god to assume his role as a protector of Edenia.


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