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Blick Winkel is the true main protagonist of the visual novel Ever 17: The Out of Infinity. He is a fourth dimensional being who exists outside of time and has the ability to travel through time at any point. He observes the events of 2017 through Takeshi Kuranari's eyes and the events of 2034 through Hokuto's eyes, and comes to the conclusion that they are the same incident.


Near the end of the game, Blick Winkel is summoned by Yubiseiharukana Tanaka as Blick Winkel is what caused Hokuto's amnesia. Yubiseiharukana then reveals that they did the recreation to save Takeshi and Coco. Blick Winkel then travels to 2017 and saves Takeshi and Coco, and after getting them to IBF, he injects the two with antibodies. However, to avoid creating a time paradox, Blick Winkel warns Yubiseiharukana in 2017 to not save Takeshi and Coco, but have them enter suspended animation in IBF. Blick Winkel and Hokuto later reunite with Takeshi and Coco and bring them safely to 2034.


  • Blick Winkel is German for "perspective".
  • Blick Winkel is an unseen character, as he is supposed to represent the reader of Ever17, the player.

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