Clarice Ferguson, known as Blink, is a character from 2014 film X-Men: Days of Future Past.

She is portrayed by Fan Bingbing.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the futuristic Moscow, Warpath and Blink travel to a vast bomb shelter under the Kremlin after the former detects Sentinels approaching the area. Iceman, Sunspot, Blink and Warpath fight the Sentinels while Shadowcat and Bishop run off to travel back in time prior to the attack. Though Blink gets stabbed during the fight, the event is ultimately erased.

With the timeline altered, Blink and her group retreat into a monastery in China where the X-Men are launching their plan to send Wolverine back in time and alter the timeline in order to prevent a critical event that led to the Sentinels' creation. While Shadowcat performs the process, Blink and the rest of the group guard the monastery from the Sentinels. Ultimately, the Sentinels outnumbered the X-Men and Blink was killed during the onslaught. As the Sentinels entered the monastery while killing Iceman, the process was completed before the Sentinels could kill Shadowcat and the past changed once again.


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