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Blondie is one of the main protagonists of the Zack Synder's 2011 fantasy film, Sucker Punch.

She is portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens.

Personality and Physical Appareance

Blondie is the "tough girl" of the group, projecting confidence and looking at the others with an air of suspicion. In the brothel reality, she is slower than the other girls to warm up to newcomer Babydoll, snidely remarking that "She's no virgin," and dissing the more emotional Amber for feeling sympathy for the new girl. Still, once Babydoll pitched her escape plan, Blondie quickly signed aboard, accompanying the girls on two missions and proving herself a formidable fighter.

Despite her name, Blondie has long, curly black hair. Blondie is also one of the more curvaceous of the girls, but still a toned professional dancer.

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