NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Bloodshot from Bloodshot (2020). The mainstream version can be found here: Bloodshot.

Raymond "Ray" Garrison, better known as Bloodshot, is the titular main protagonist of the 2020 film Bloodshot based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name. He was a former US Military officer who was killed in action but was "revived" at Rising Spirit Tech through special nanite technology, which made him regenerate his body cells.

He was portrayed by Vin Diesel, who also portrayed Dominic Toretto from the Fast and Furious franchise, The Iron Giant from the film of the same name, Xander Cage from the XXX films, Groot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Kaulder from The Last Witch Hunter.


After a rescue operation in Mombasa, Ray Garrison and his wife, Gina were travelling at a beachside town by the Amalfi Coast. Then, they were kidnapped by Martin Axe, who wants to reveal information about the Mombasa operation. Ray is not privy to it, so Axe kills both Ray and his wife.

However, Ray was later turned into a cyborg by Rising Spirit Tech by specialised nanite technology, as their first successful candidate. At there, he meets Dr. Emil Harting's other patients, KT, Jimmy Dalton and Marcus Tibbs, the latter two of which he got along poorly. Destined for revenge, after "flashbacks" of Gina and Axe, Ray escapes the Kuala Lumpur facility and pursues Axe, tracking him to Budapest. Axe and his bodyguards were killed, then he was later brought to Rising Spirit Tech for reprogramming. In fact, Harting created false memories of Gina's death as part of a plot to eliminate rivals and those protecting them. Ray is then sent to kill Nick Baris in East Sussex.

Though Ray manages to kill Baris and his bodyguards, Baris has forced Wilfred Wigans to build an EMP bomb, which is activated after Baris' death, incapacitating Ray and severing communications with Rising Spirit. After "resurrecting" Ray again, Wigans reveals that Rising Spirit planted false memories to turn him into a killing machine. He also discovers Gina is alive but had left him five years ago and started a family in Westminster.

Figuring that Ray had become compromised, Harting decides to send Dalton and Tibbs to kill him. Growing disillusioned with Dr. Emil Harting's exploitation of Ray, KT tries to seek help from Wiggans, Harting remorselessly activates her breathing valve and seals it intent on leaving her to suffocate to death. Dalton and Tibbs both end up killed in their attempts at disposing of Garrison thus leaving Harting to do the task himself. At this point, Ray was in danger of dying due to overheating his nanobots. Harting launches a grenade at him only for it to be deflected towards him. Ray then confronts Harting and they are both killed in the explosion. The film ends with Garrison being rebuilt, and the three leave to search for a new life.

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