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Princess Blossom Pepperdoodle Von Yum Yum, or simply just Blossom, is a black cat who is Ruff's boss, (not the boss of the network, but the boss of Ruff's show) and sometimes Ruff's girlfriend. She first appeared in the start of Season 2, where she introduced herself as Ruff's intern.


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Blossom is one of Henry's favorite employees. Blossom has been shown with colors like lavender and pink. It is also believed that she kind of likes flowers. Blossom is also incredibly intelligent and more skilled at hobbies than Ruff. She gets stressed out or frustrated by Ruff's antics, but despite that, she is still loyal to him and will do anything to help him.


Black fur and wears glasses different from Ruff's. She has short gray whiskers, black pupils and pink nose. She has a big gray spot on her tummy (similar to Ruff's spot) and also has a short black tail. She is sometimes seen with a flower in her ears.


  • Elf (In "Dog of the Rings")
  • Princess (In "The DogVinci Code")
  • Cheerleader
  • Detective (In "Snoop Dog")
  • Pirate
  • Cowgirl (In "Yippie Tie Yie Yay, Get Along Little Doggies" and "Do-Se-Dos and Do-Se-Don'ts")
  • Prospector (in "The Legand of Ruffman's Gold")
  • Witch (in "Ruffman Manor is Haunted")
  • Artist
  • Chicken
  • Builder
  • Hawaiian Dancer
  • Nurse
  • Train Conductor
  • Egyptian (in "Look What the Dog Dug Up!")  
  • 18th Century Woman
  • Mime (in "That Sculpture Isn't Yours, It's Mime")
  • Super Cat/Cat Woman Cat- superhero costume (in "Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? It's...Ruffmanman!")
  • Radiation suit (In "Yippie Tie Yie Yay, Get Along Little Doggies")
  • Chemal(?) (In "Don't Like Fencing? Try Fencing")
  • Flower queen (in "The Fetch Finale")
  • Scruff (In "The Grand Prizeless Grand Finale")


  • Blossom's name might have come from the name of a flower or the color pink.
  • Blossom is Ruff Ruffman's true girlfriend. Ruff knows it, but Blossom doesn't.
  • Blossom is a guitar player, but she is barely seen playing the guitar.
  • As revealed in Ruff Ruffman Breaks the Mold, Blossom belongs to Henry's niece.
  • Blossom's favorite meal is a Japanese bento box with seaweed salad.
  • Blossom is much better at yoga (and everything else) than Ruff, and she is way smarter.
  • In Don't Like Fencing? Try Fencing!, Blossom is shown watching Design Squad. She is also revealed to be in love with Nate Ball from that show.
  • She is quite shy to dance in public but loves to dance in the doghouse.
  • Blossom has an identical twin sister, Duchess Petunia Cupcake Von Yum Yum (aka LePurr), as mentioned in a Season 4 episode LePurr Strikes (Laser/Candid Camera). Just like Ruff has an identical twin brother, Scruff Ruffman.
  • Since Blossom is a mute character, Ruff has to repeat everything she says to help the audience clarifying what she is saying.
  • It is likely that Blossom was supposed to have a voice in the early stages of her character development, but because of the lousy voice actor budget, they introduced her as a mute character instead.



"You must be Mr. Ruff Ruffman. It's such an honor to meet you, sir. I don't think you heard, but I am gonna be working with you this season!"

"Shut up and read this, please."

"Yeah, I was told you don't like cats, Mr. Ruffman. But honestly, you don't really have a choice. Henry said that you can't really manage this show on your own, since you had trouble doing that last season in a few episodes."

"I'm guessing that call can't be good."

"That's terrible!"

"Hey, it won't be too bad with me on the team. You might not like me at first, but later on this season, I think you and I would make a really purrrfect pair."

"And no offense, but looking at your doghouse, you kinda do have a "mold-mold" kind of mold problem. You haven't cleaned this place up since you started prepping for Season 2. But don't worry. I will clean everything up before the health inspector comes, while you manage the show."

"Oh, he has mold alright, kids. He has mold in places in the doghouse where mold shouldn't be and it is DISGUSTING!"

"Oh, you're introducing me now?"

"Hi, everybody! I'm Blossom. I am Ruff's new intern."

"Ha, ha. Real funny."

"And you can't argue with THAT logic. Ruff might not like me at first, but I'm pretty sure I'll grow on him eventually."

"Oh, that can't be good."

"There is an angry mob of reporters demanding to get details on your mold problem."

"Don't worry, Mr. Ruffman. I think I have an idea. I think the reporters will leave if we give them something to make them leave. The chocolate might work, since we all know everyone loves sweets."


"Mr. Ruffman! The reporters are getting OUT OF CONTROL OUT THERE!"

"ABOUT TIME! We were moments away from the destroyed doghouse and our trampled and mangled bodies getting slapped onto the front page of tomorrow's newspaper!"

"Interesting insight, Mr. Ruffman. And speaking of 48 hours, I thought i'd let you know that the whole doghouse has been cleaned and I have not left out so much as one speck of germs anywhere in your doghouse, but whether or not your show stays on the air depends on what kind of grade the health inspector gives us."

"It's Princess Blossom Pepperdoodle Von Yum Yum, you moron."

"Yes, but I'm the one who came up with Nina's challenge for today."

"Don't believe me? Take a look at what I wrote on my notepad."

"Thank you, Mr. Ruffman. And from this point on, I have a feeling we will be working together quite well."



"It sounds bad!"

"Not sad! BAD!"

"I said, it sounds bad."

"Your blues sound more mad than sad."

"Well, that isn't really surprising from someone who is always full of energy."

"Are you sure it isn't the flooding water around our ankles?"

"How about we clean up this mess first? And we've got a show today, so let's get ready for today's challenges."

"yeah, Mr. Ruffman tried to screw a dripping faucet shut rather than simply pushing the lever and ended up flooding the doghouse."

"Mr. Ruffman? Those have to go in the trash."

"Ok, that is NOT true at all, Mr. Ruffman."

"No, I never actually read that before."

"No thanks. That book is full of a bunch of hypothetical theories about things that cats haven't really proven to have done."