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(Goggles: What are you doin'?) Helpin' a friend.
~ Blotch about to save Croaker's life

Blotch is the (former) antagonist turned major character of Kermit's Swamp Years. He is one of Kermit's best friends.



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In Kermit's Swamp Years

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Blotch started off as mean to Kermit and his friends but then he became a lot nicer.

He was also shown to be cowardly along with Goggles when they saw an evil snake named Vicki.


He is a brownish bullfrog with yellow polka-dots, black eyes, a red mouth and a pink tongue.


  • Blotch was never really a villain, but a mere bully.
  • The only reason he became nice was because Goggles saved his life from a snake named Vicki. However, there could have been some good inside of him anyhow.
  • Blotch's past or how he became a bully is unknown.
  • For some reason, Blotch's former main target to harass was Goggles.



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