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Hero Overview

Blowtorch's real name is Timothy P. Hanrahan, and his rank is that of corporal (E-4). Blowtorch was born in Tampa, Florida.

Blowtorch's primary military specialty is infantry special weapons, and as his secondary military specialty he is a small-arms armorer. He is familiar with all military incendiary devices and flame projection equipment, and is a qualified expert with the M-7 Flamethrower, M-16, and the M1911A1 Auto Pistol.

Blowtorch knows firsthand the destructive potential of fire. As a result, he can be a bit overbearing on the issue of fire safety. People who smoke make him nervous, and he can instantly eyeball whether a large gathering will violate fire codes, or instinctively indicate where fire exits should be located. Blowtorch is also studying for degrees in both structural and chemical engineering, to understand what happens scientifically when fire rages out of control.


In the Sunbow cartoon, Blowtorch was voiced by Michael Bell in an Irish accent. He first appeared in the G.I. Joe animated series in the "Revenge of Cobra" mini-series. He has appeared in the following episodes:

  • "Cobra Claws Are Coming To Town"
  • "Red Rocket's Glare"
  • "Joe Goes Hollywood"
  • "The Most Dangerous Thing in the World"
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