Blu-Ray is the daughter of Archie the Archivist and the sister of HD DVD who appears in "Meet the Seer".


She wears a blue sunglasses.




She and HD-DVD help the park gang fight through Planet Nielsen against Streaming (who is Internet reborn) and his minions to find the Seer and they escape before the planet's destruction. In "Cheer Up Pops" they help the park gang record the memories of their past adventures so they can always remember them. In the eighth season finale, they participate in the battle against Anti-Pops and Streaming.

Episode Appearances

  • Meet the Seer
  • Cheer Up Pops
  • A Regular Epic Final Battle


  • The name of Blu-Ray is an obvious reference to the Blu-Ray Disc format, similar to HD DVD format that can also deliver movies/series into the highest resolutions only difference is that they can have more memory capacity.


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