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Blue is the titular main protagonist of the Blue's Clues franchise. Blue is always excited to have the viewers come over to help Steve, Joe or Josh figure out what she wants by leaving a pawprint on three objects better known as Blue's Clues. She is a quick learner, always ready to be taught new things. She is so smart, she will even tell you "no" by nodding side to side and "yes" by nodding up and down. Whenever Steve or Joe ask a question, Blue would just leave them guessing by leaving a pawprint on the screen meaning that she wants them to play Blue's Clues. She appears in every episode of Blue's Room where she is able to talk. She was born on a farm in a book called About a Puppy with other dogs but skidooed out of it. She appears in every episode of all three shows in the Blue's Clues franchise. She is voiced by Traci Paige Johnson.


Blue is considered to be a friendly energetic puppy. She acts like a human and leaves her pawprint around the house. She will even leave her pawprint in some skidoo segments. Blue cannot talk but can bark, which everyone understands. Blue was first introduced when she skidooed out of her own storybook which was called About a Puppy. When Blue skidoos, she turns in a circle and jumps. Blue is seen skidooing onscreen but on some episodes, she skidoos offscreen.


Blue is a blue puppy with darker blue spots and a dark blue nose. Her eyes are white with black pupils. When Blue opens her mouth, her tongue is pink. And has big, floppy ears.



  • Blue was conceived in a tall building in New York City in Times Square by three college graduates.
  • Blue was originally going to be a male cat and was going to be orange. But the creators decided that orange was not good so they decided to name the character Mr. Blue and give him a blue color. But Nick Jr. already had a show with a cat, and then a female dog was conceived.
  • The voice for Blue is one of the creators. The creators did not have the money to hire a professional voice actor so they sat in a conference room and asked the people sitting around asking who can bark and when it was the creators turn, she got the part.
  • Her birthday is June 14, which is the date when of the episode "Blue's Birthday" (which featured her birthday) aired, back in 1998.
  • When Blue and the rest of the characters were being created, the creators were stuck in a small room making the show and it's characters and never went out of the room. They never went out, so food was slipped under the door.
  • Blue has been a clue five times.