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Blue is one of the main protagonists of Dick Figures, besides Red. Unlike his friend Red, he is levelheaded and takes things more seriously, although he sometimes commits insane actions. Despite their differences, Blue and Red are best friends. Yet, Blue often gets very upset or mad at the various things that Red does, as they generally always affect him personally. He is voiced by Zack Keller.

In Camp Anarchy, Blue displays his maturity as he creates a list of activities suitable for children. Despite his kid-friendly list, "Murder" can be seen at the bottom of it, altough it is possible Red wrote that without Blue noticing.

In Butt Genie, although it is Red's wish is obviously to rule the world, it's hinted that Blue might like to rule the world too when he says "That sounds pretty sweet" after the glimpse of what it would be like to have everything he could want.

In Traffic Jams, it is shown that he likes classical music and dislikes dubstep, exclaiming "This is raping my mind!" when Red plays it on the radio, and in Flame War, he was the only one who bothered to use a parachute, showing his use of common sense in tough situations. Although he's often right, there are a few times throughout the series where Red proves himself to be more knowledgeable in certain topics.

His voice seems to break and waver when talking to women, causing him problems as his lack of self-esteem and confidence affects how women see him, although he seems to have an on/off relationship with Pink. But since Pink has yet to officially confirm that her and Blue are together, he tries to hook up with other women. However, if Pink is around, she will get jealous and try to sabotage it.

In OMG, it's originally hinted that he might have a drinking problem, similar to Red in Panda Hat but is later disproved as it is shown that everything occuring in the episode was dreamt by the Raccoon.

In Role Playas, he plays a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons (or Legend of Zelda), which hints that he might be a nerd. And in Y U So Meme? it is shown that he's a computer hacker and a fan of comicbooks, action figures, and Star Wars. He often plays video games with Red and Jason.