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Blue is the king of Blue Sky Kingdom in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. He gives the power to Pretty Cures of Happiness Charge and he gives a pink love crystal to Hime so she can find a partner. While Megumi and Hime fight the Saiarks and the Phantom Empire, Blue travels across the world and recruits six Pretty Cures from Texas, France and India to fight against Queen Mirage and the Phantom Empire's invasion.


Blue has blue hair, and eyes. He wears a white shirt, with blue pants which match the same color with his hair. He also wears white shoes.


Blue appears to be gentle, and really kind towards people. He also knows how to play the guitar.


  • Blue is considered as the fist male God-like being to be allies with the Pretty Cures. In the previous series, all God-like allies were female.
  • He is based on the earth deities: Gaia and Atlas.
  • Megumi is shown to have a crush on him, revealed in episode 29.
  • Also in episode 29, according to his story, he met Mirage 300 years ago. It means he is over 300 years old now, although he looks very young.


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