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Never let ’em see you melt.Blue

Blue is one of the six anthropomorphic characters introduced in M&M's commercials since 1995. He is voiced by Robb Pruitt ever since the color was introduced. He is the second nut being, which is Almond. The first being is Yellow, which is Peanut. His date was back to 1995 when Blue was elected new M&M's color.


  • "Get back in the bag."
  • "Yeah, man."
  • "No, no, no. We don't dive in any more. insurance losses, someone might hit their head, that make ya wait in their with a buddy."
  • "What's up?"
  • "You're a Baldwin, right?"
  • "Well, I would've expected better, Stephen."
  • "No locked key! Go away!"
  • "Sure, remember me?"
  • "I'm not touching. Don't flatter yourself, Babe."
  • "Eat me!
  • "Okay, everybody, back off! I want my agent on the phone! I want Marty on the phone."
  • "Hey, ya know what? I'm glad we've broken up. You guys were always just a little too sweet for me, anyway."
  • "You're looking for your looking for your shell, still? I told you: Yellow was trying it on. It looked like a hippo and a string bikini letting it all hang up. Don't need to see that."
  • "Ask what your chocolate can do for you!"
  • "Ask what you can do for you candy!"
  • "Look, I'm done being and M&M's spokescandy. I've got a new gig now, and it's a perfect fit."
  • "Oh, yes you are, that's exactly what he was meant for. Go ahead, shout out."
  • "Aw, yeah."
  • "Don't worry. It'll take 'em hours to get this fire going. I figure something out, no problem."
  • "So, what kept ya?"
  • "Huh, I always thought you're the redhead."
  • "But he's so boring."
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