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Blue is a young female tarbosaurus and the only daughter of Fang. She appears in The Dino King 2 Journey to the Fire Mountain.


Blue is Fang's only daughter. One day, she is kidnapped by a pack dinosaurs and her mother Fang sets out to go look for her. Meanwhile, Fang is taken to a place where other dinosaur hatchlings are being held. There Blue meets Junior and befriends him after saving him from a young Therizinosaurs named Slash. She will be seen again teasing Junior for being a "big chicken" and she will question why is he near a cave fill with "stinky poo". Junior begs to be left alone and assures that his father will come and save him after that. She is seen again playing rocks with Junior & Dusty but later Dusty gets taken by the Deinonychus, she wanted to help but is stopped by Blade, later she helps Junior take down a flying prehistoric creature and helds him down while Junior asks him questions regarding the place, where do the hatchlings go and where & when they can escape. After setting up a plan with Junior, Blade, and, Slash, they do manage to almost escape but Slash betrayed them and told the Deinonychus about their plan. She then runs another direction but gets captured by them and gets thrown to a cave with Junior where they both are way more supervised and guarded.



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