The Blue Aardvark is one of two main protagonists of The Ant and the Aardvark series.


He is a blue aardvark who talks with a Jackie Mason-like voice (though he is voiced by John Byner). He wears clothing that matches the color of his fur/skin. He is normally the one causing trouble and is obsessed with eating Charlie Ant (in fairness this is his instinct, being a predator). However, the lengths he goes to in order to pursue his tiny opponent are often extreme and sometimes rather unpleasant, though he almost always tends to be the one who recieves the worst punishment (like most cartoon villains) such as being beat up by two tigers. It can be debatable as to whether or not he has caught an ant; some episodes say he has never done so, while some say otherwise. He often complains about the difficulties of being an aardvark and/or catching ants.

Pink Panther and Pals

The Blue Aardvark and Charlie return in this spin-off to the Pink Panther Show. He still has his ethnic accent, still willing to catch the ant, and still recieves punishment for his actions. Unlike The Ant and The Aardvark, he appeared shorter and thinner than his classic design and is now voiced by Eddie Garvar instead of John Byner. He is also portrayed as more stupid and egotisical. He once got 3 wishes from a magic genie but instead of simply wishing for the any he wished for stupid things such as a suit made of tape and a tiny race car to get the ant, which proves how dumb he is. Arguably, his most villainous deeds were in the cartoons "Z is for Aardvark", "Eli the Aardvark", and "Awful Aardvark". In the former, he lies to an innocent baby zebra by pretending to be its mother. In the middle episode, he accidentally hit Eli the elephant on his head, giving him amnesia, and instead of apologizing to him he tricks him into thinking he's his brother, then uses him to catch Charlie the ant. In the latter, he takes advantage of the public by pretending to be a scary criminal and as punishment, he is beaten up by the other animals.

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