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Blue Beetle Dan Garrett
Dan Garret is the first Blue Beetle during the Golden Age. He was a vigilante who got powers using Vitamin 2X, and fought crime with a sidekick named Sparky. Charlton Comics reimagined him as Dan Garrett in the Silver Age. He is portrayed as an archaeologist who gains powers from a Blue Beetle Scarab found in Egypt. His student and successor is Ted Kord, although Jaime Reyes is the next to use the Scarab. Dan Garrett was created by Will Eisner and Charles Nicholas, first appearing in the Fox publication Mystery Men Comics #1.


Dan Garret was a son of a police officer killed by a criminal. He originally fought crime as the Blue Beetle without the benefit of superhuman abilities. Garret later donned a bulletproof blue costume (described by Garret as being made of a cellulose material which was "as thin and light as silk but stronger than steel") and temporarily gained superhuman strength and stamina by ingesting the mysterious "Vitamin 2X". During World War II, Garret became a government agent who was often sent overseas on secret missions, but after peace was declared he returned to his former role of neighborhood cop.



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