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I got magic armor... dunno how it works. Got a magic rock inside my body... can't get it out... Went into outer space n' helped them... but now the superheroes hate me, gonna kill me... I'm the Blue Beetle.
~ Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes).
These are my rules. No-one hurts innocent people. Got that? Good!
~ Jaime Reyes.
We don't need the Justice League, Ted. Not when we've got -- Blue Beetle! But keep calling the League--just in case. And...uh...Ted? Say a prayer for me, will you?
~ Prime Earth Jaime Reyes to Ted Kord.

Blue Beetle (real name Jaime Reyes), is a fictional character and superhero from the DC comics, being the third "Blue Beetle" and successor to Dan Garrett and Ted Kord. He was a relatively normal high school student from El Paso, Texas, but became third Blue Beetle, and learned how to use his advanced technology to stop threats. He has been a member of the Justice League International, Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, and Secret Six.

He was created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, Cully Hamner, and first appeared in Infinite Crisis #3 in February of 2006.


Jaime lives in El Paso, Texas with his father, mother and little sister; his father owns a garage. Jaime offers to help his father at the garage, but his father feels Jaime should study and enjoy his childhood for as long as he can. Jaime has an acute sense of responsibility for his family and friends, though he complains about having to sort out their various problems. He derives strength and courage from his family's support.

Jaime found the Scarab lying on the ground in his home town of El Paso, TX, took it home, and overnight it crawled into him and attached itself to his spine. He soon found himself speaking a language he didn't know, transforming into a much more advanced tech version of the Blue Beetle armor, and whisked away to save the universe in Infinite Crisis.


Early Life

Jaime Reyes was born in El Paso, Texas to Alberto and Bianca Reyes, and is the older brother to Milagro and grandson to Conchi Reyes and Elena Leal. Jaime became the best friend of Brenda and Paco and lived a normal life in high school, and would try to help his father at his garage. Jaime was noted by his friends for being a kind helpful person, and his father Alberto didn't want his son to grow up too fast.

Becoming Blue Beetle

After the Rock of Eternity was destroyed during the battle between Shazam and the Spectre, the blue scarab fell down to El Paso after its previous wielder, Ted Kord lost it previously and presumed it was destroyed. Jaime and his friends discovered the blue scarab while walking home, and the scarab manifested itself onto Jaime that night into his spine. Eventually, Jaime met the time traveler Booster Gold, whom took him to Batman to help them find Brother Eye (as the scarab was the only thing capable of seeing the artificial intelligence). Jaime went with Batman to space to search for Brother Eye, and with the help of Green Arrow and Black Canary, managed to stop the rogue A.I. from escaping outside reality. Due to destroying Brother Eye's stabilizer, the blue scarab shunted Jaime outside dimensions for a year, while it only felt minutes for Reyes.

Jaime managed to return to his family after nearly being killed by the Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and learned from them that a year had passed. During his absence, his father was crippled, Paco became a member of the meta human gang, the Posse, and Brenda moved with her aunt after her father passed away. Jaime revealed himself as the Blue Beetle to his family and friends, and eventually managed to gain his mother's acceptance after she thought that it wasn't Jaime. Wanting to learn more about the scarab, Jaime came across the Posse himself, and became a member to help them make a truce with the El Paso crime lord La Dama. Jaime began to believe that the scarab was just a mystical artifact, but learned from Peacemaker that the scarab was a piece of extraterrestrial technology, and went to find more information about how the original Blue Beetle learned about the scarab.

Jaime met with Dan Garrett's granddaughter Danielle, and she claimed that she had the right of the scarab, but let it go once it got stuck to Jaime. Reyes continued to investigate more about the scarab, and learned that it was created by the alien civilization of the Reach, galactic conquerors who intended to present the scarab's host as Earth's protector. However, the scarab became corrupted during its time on Earth, and with Jaime, it started to develop free will and refused to obey to the Reach's programming. Despite the loss of the scarab, the Reach still intended to conquer Earth, leaving Jaime to see what they were up to and how to stop them. Jaime went to S.T.A.R. Labs to get help, but was attacked by Livewire and fought her, but was stopped by Superman, who reassured him about the scarab. Around this time, Jaime assisted Traci 13 in stopping Eclipso and his plans, and t he two romantic feelings for each other.

Jaime then joined the Teen Titans after assisting them in stopping Lobo from preventing the launch of a anti-Reach rocket, and received training from the group. Eventually, Jaime and the scarab managed to stop the Reach's scheme, and managed to stop the alien conquerors from destroying the Earth.

Prime Earth

On Prime Earth, Blue Beetle was recruited into the Justice League International by Booster Gold, and was teleported to the Reach homeworld when Brother Eye attacked the team. Jaime later teamed up with Lonar to defeat Adonis when he was forced to take part in a bounty hunter game. However, all of this was erased when pre-flashpoint Superman post-flashpoint Superman merged together, altering the history of the multiverse. Upon the reset, Jaime had a normal the scarab attached itself to him, and Reyes went to Ted Kord for help. Learning of the scarab's origins, Kord suggested to Jaime that he used its powers for good, and Jaime reluctantly agreed and took up Ted's former mantle of the Blue Beetle.


Dan Garret

Main article: Dan Garrett
We're five grown men dressed in bright colors inside a clear plastic bubble set against a rainbow background, Jaime. They saw us.
~ Dan Garrett.

Daniel "Dan" Garrett was the first and original Blue Beetle from the 1940s. On Fox-Earth, Dan was a police officer who adopted the name of Blue Beetle without the scarab, using Vitamin 2X to enhanced his strength, agility, and durability. On New Earth, he was an archeologist who discovered the blue scarab when entering the tomb of Kha-Ef-Re. When a cave-in occurred that would have killed his colleague Luri Hoshid, the blue scarab manifested itself on Garrett, and he used his newfound super strength to stop the cave in. Afterward, Dan smuggled the scarab into the country and became a vigilante, and helped the United States government during World War II.

Ted Kord

Main article: Ted Kord
What, are you blind, pal? We're the Justice League!
~ Ted Kord.

Theodore "Ted" Kord was the second Blue Beetle, being the successor of Garrett whom was his teacher at an unknown university. When his uncle, Jarvis, intended to take over the world, Ted went to Garrett for assistance to stop him. When Garrett was dying from his wounds, he gave Ted the blue scarab to continue the mantle of the Blue Beetle. Ted was a noted genius, and eventually managed to program the suit to his will, allowing him to use its multiple powers. He would become the best friend of Booster Gold, and a member of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey.

Jamie Reyes

Main article: Jamie Reyes


You don't have to move mountains to help people, Terra.
~ Blue Beetle.



  • In the DC comics post-Flashpoint, Ted Kord trains Blue Beetle in Kord Industries in Chicago to overcome the scarab within him and his new powers.


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