Blue Moon is one of the 5 main factions of the Wars World in all installments of Advance Wars series of military turn-based strategy video games, excluding Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (Advance Wars: Dark Conflict in both Europe and Australia or Famicom Wars DS: Ushinawareta Hikari in Japan) as canonically replaced by Lazurian Army and and the Japan-exclusive Game Boy Wars titles in which is replaced under the name "White Moon". They originally appeared in the first Advance Wars game for Game Boy Advance as the antagonistic force in the war against Orange Star, but they later redeemed themselves and strongly allied as a member of Allied Nations to repel the Black Hole Army from the land alongside the other nations of Wars World: Orange Star, Yellow Comet and Green Earth.


As antagonists, the army of the Blue Moon is at war against the Orange Star Army and has tricked into the battles against neighboring nations by Clone Andy, who led the assault on them under the guise of the original Andy, one of the Orange Star's Commanding Officers.

However, Blue Moon has joined forces with the other nations to oppose the oppressive Black Hole Army after revealing that all the nations were deceived.

Blue Moon would cooperate the other members of the alliance again to the great war against the Black Hole when returned.

Commanding Officers

           Advance Wars Heroes

Advance Wars
Allied Nations
Orange Star: Nell | Andy | Max | Sami | Hachi | Rachel | Jake

Blue Moon: Olaf | Grit | Colin | Sasha

Yellow Comet: Kanbei | Sonja | Sensei | Grimm

Green Earth: Eagle | Drake | Jess | Javier

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
12th Battalion: Brenner | Lin | Will | Isabella

Lazurian Army: Forsythe | Gage | Tasha

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