Blue Toad is a Toad who made his first appearance in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as a playable sidekick for Mario, along with Luigi and Yellow Toad. He joins the Mario Bros to save Princess Peach from Bowser showing his bravery. He reappears as a host in Mario Party 9 and 10.


Unlike other toads he is very brave as he journeys though dangerous worlds to free the Princess and the Sprixie Princesses. He shows 100% loyalty to the Mario Bros.


New Super Bros. Wii

Blue Toad first appears at Princess Peach's birthday party along with Yellow Toad and the Mario Bros. A mysterious large cake later appears which reveals Bowser. Jr and the Koopalings. They kidnap the princess and take her aboard the airship, and the heroes give chase. Blue Toad is shown to be extremely brave as he teams up with the Mario Bros. on their mission to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and his minions. To save her, the heroes venture through worlds. Throughout their adventure, Blue Toad along with his friends meet many of the countless minions that Bowser Jr. had sent to stop the heroes.

Super Mario 3D World

Blue Toad returns in Super Mario 3D. World where he is walking along the path alongside the Mario Bros. and Princess Peach during a night celebration until they spot a damaged clear pipe, which Mario and Luigi managed to repair. Several items burst out of the pipe and are greeted by a distressed green Sprixie Princess, who explain that Bowser had been kidnapping six other Sprixie Princesses and pleads for their help. Just then, Bowser emerges from the pipe, surprising everyone before proceeding to trap the green Sprixie Princess in a bottle. Peach jumps inside to follow them, but accidentally fell in and Blue Toad and the Mario Bros. follow her to the Sprixie Kingdom. They travel across various worlds to rescue each Sprixie Princess that are imprisoned there.

After Blue Toad and his friends defeat Bowser at World Castle, the other liberated princesses are waiting for the group to break open the bottle containing the last red Sprixie Princess. But just as the red princess was free, Bowser returns and recaptures all seven Sprixie Princesses in a larger bottle and takes them to World Bowser amusement park, but the Sprixie Princesses have managed to create a clear pipe for the group to use, as they were taken away.

Blue Toad and his friends continue their way forward until they reach the tall tower, where the battle with Bowser's Cat Form, Meowser commences and soon after a tough battle, Bowser was defeated and the Sprixie Princesses were freed and Blue Toad and his team return to the Mushroom Kingdom.



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