Blunk 21

Blunk is a secondary hero in the W.I.T.C.H. cartoon adaptation. He's a Passling, a green goblin-like native of Meridian. He's also a smuggler who travels through dimensions to find and steal goods to sell. He first meets Caleb and the Guardians in Prince Phobos' prison and follows them after being rescued by them in the second episode of the first season. He then makes Earth a base of his operations and constantly takes goods from Earth to sell to the Meridianites.

Initially Caleb and the girls have a low opinion about Blunk due to the difficulties caused by his cowardice, tendency to steal and hoard junk where they don't want that, disgusting diet, lack of hygiene and the resultant odour. However, Blunk proves himself to be over time a loyal friend with intermittent moments of bravery, and he often helps his friends by finding for them portals or other things with his keen sense of smell. In the second episode of the second season, the Oracle of Kandrakar increases Blunk's usefulness by giving him the Tooth of Tonga, a magical artifact used to travel between dimensions.

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