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Blurr is a Autobot from Velocitron and one Bumblebee's friend in Transformers: Cyberverse. He calls himself a quick friend of Bumblebee.


When Blurr lived on Velocitron, known as the planet of momentum, he has raced against all the inhabitants of Velocitron on many racetracks built around the planet. When he invited his friend Bumblebee to visit Velocitron, he also brought in his friend Hot Rod, who he introduced to him. When they were racing with him, they were on a track that was under repair, and at the same time a road repair plane with traces of Plague of Rust fell on the track, and the Plague of Rust began to spread, for who had brought it there to be spread. As the Plague of Rust spread, he took Bumblebee and Hot Rod to one shelter for safety, but that too began to be destroyed by the Plague of Rust, and then the only way was to get to the space bridge and escape from Velocitron before the Plague of Rust had taken over, but he didn't want to leave because Velocitron has always been his their home, but Bee and Hot Rod got him to try to leave Velocitron. And then they drove at high speed to the space bridge, but the only way to make sure the Plague of Rust didn’t get off the Velocitron was for someone to close the space bridge, and he stayed because he wasn’t fast enough, and when Bumblebee and Hot Rod left Velocitron, he closed the space bridge, and the Plague of Rust destroyed him when he conquered the planet. Years later, Bumblebee had seen him as a ghost character several times.



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