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Blurr is the name given to five different fictional characters in the Transformers Universe. He frequently appears as a blue Autobot who transforms into a swift car. In the American version of several series, he is voiced by John Moschitta, Jr., who held the Guiness Book of World Records title for world's fastest talker until the category was eliminated.

Blurr is the fastest Autobot on land. He was used primarily by the Autobots as a high speed messenger. Blurr was also portrayed having extremely fast speaking mannerisms, and a nervous streak when dealing with his superiors. Despite this he is a loyal warrior and friend. When he became a Targetmaster he was paired with Haywire, an impulsive and excitable Nebulan youngster.

With his top speed of 800 miles-per-hour, Forbes named Blurr as the fastest fictional car in 2008.


Blurr first appeared in The Transformers: the Movie. He continued to appear in season 3 of the television series as one of Rodimus Prime's closest allies.

Noted for his fast talking, and quick wit, he could possibly be seen as a replacement for Bluestreak, who was formerly among the fastest Autobots.

Blurr was typically shown as a companion to Wheelie or Wreck-Gar, who also had unique styles of speaking. Blurr and Wheelie could be seen as comic relief amongst the Season 3 cast.

Blurr first appeared in the movie, but continued to have several notable appearances over the course of the show. In "Five Faces of Darkness" he and Wheelie are charged with delivering the Transformation Cog to Metroplex. This subplot runs through the entire five parter, and introduces the Predacons, a new Decepticon Combiner team. In addition they are the first to meet Sky Lynx, an arrogant but heroic Autobot transport shuttle, and Marissa Fairbourne of the EDC.

Following this Blurr would have a starring role in "Forever is a Long Time Coming", in which he, Blaster and Wreck-Gar assist a young Alpha Trion in a Quintesson overthrow. Blurr would also be a key player in the retrieval of the "Quintesson Journal".

Later Blurr appears in "Face of the Nijika", where he is injured and for the first time talks at normal pace. Blurr would also be among the uninfected Autobots to team up with Optimus Prime in "The Return of Optimus Prime".

In the three part fourth series, "The Rebirth", Blurr became a Targetmaster, with his partner Haywire.

His voice was supplied by well-known fast-talking actor John Moschitta, Jr., whose vocal talents complemented Blurr's high-velocity nature.


Blurr was part of the unit of Autobots led by Fortress Maximus on Cybertron. He was captured by the Tyroxians while on a deep space mission. Hot Rod attempted to rescue him but they both ended up having to be rescued by retired Autobot Kup. The experience bonded the trio, with Kup returning to Cybertron with them.

The Headmasters

Note: The Headmasters series is told in the US series, and is referenced in the future-set UK comics, indicating that these events occur regardless of timeline.

When Fortress Maximus chose to remove himself from the cycle of warfare on Cybertron, Blurr joined the rest of his command in heading to the planet Nebulos. They attempted to make contact with the planet's human-like inhabitants, with Blurr chosen to address the Nebulans as Maximus' emissary. However, the scheming Lord Zarak used a magnetic weapon to cause Blurr to involuntarily strike and destroy a Nebulan peace statue, resulting in a stampede where several Nebulans were injured. Zarak stirred the Nebulans into attacking the Autobots and Fortress Maximus ordered a retreat. As a gesture of trust, Blurr and several others surrendered their weapons to the Nebulans. When Maximus and some of his senior officers also removed their heads and deactivated themselves to demonstrate their peaceful intentions, Blurr and the others were allowed to set up an encampment in a remote spot.

After Scorponok's Decepticons followed them to Nebulos and captured Fortress Maximus and the rest of the new Autobot Headmasters, Blurr was among the Autobots led by Pointblank who underwent the Targetmaster process. They fought the Decepticons to stop their ally Zarak getting control of the Nebulan nursery but retreated on realising the battle was destroying the area. Not long after, Zarak let the Autobot Headmasters go on condition they left Nebulos, with Blurr accompanying them to Earth.

Marvel's the Transformers (UK)

The events seen in the future-set UK comics are initially seen as the definitive future of the series, until time travel rewrites the timeline to become a potential future.

At one point, Blurr was involved in defending the Ark from an attack by nascent Decepticon commander Thunderwing. In 2003, he was duty officer at the Ark while Ultra Magnus took the majority of the crew to collect materials needed to construct Autobot City. He was responsible for sending a coded message to the Earth government to inform them of what they needed and thus was aware that the information tape Kup was carrying was a decoy. Hot Rod was unaware however and ignored his instruction not to try and retrieve it. Later, Blurr fought with Shockwave's Decepticons to protect Earth dignitaries at the city's opening.

Blurr, along with Kup and Hot Rod, was transported back in time by Unicron to foil Galvaton's plan to set up a cannon to destroy both Unicron and the Autobots in the future. Teaming up with the present day Ultra Magnus, they retrieved Skywarp from status and tricked Galvatron into thinking he was Starscream and had destroyed Galvatron's cannon. Galvatron blew his nemesis apart, convincing him he was in an alternate timeline and causing him to return to the future. The trio reimprisoned the real Starscream in stasis.

Blurr again travelled back in time, along with Rodimus Prime, Kup and Wreck-Gar, on learning Galvatron had returned to the past. Again they joined up with that era's Ultra Magnus, along with Goldbug, and tried to prevent Galvatron triggering a volcano to siphon its power. After a number of failed assaults, the future Autobots attempted to force Galvatron to return to the future with them but only managed to retrieve the rogue bounty hunter Death's Head.

Blurr accompanied Rodimus Prime in freeing Autobot City from the Quintessons. He was later part of the taskforce that accompanied him into the past for a final confrontation with Galvatron. They displaced Hardhead and a number of other present-day Autobots into limbo, resulting in that era's Autobots mistaking them for an enemy who had killed their friends, with Blurr being double-teamed by Scattershot and Wheeljack. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, the two Autobot groups, and two eras' Decepticons, launched an attack on Galvatron that saw him destroyed by a time rift. Blurr was one of the few to make it through the battle uninjured.

On returning to their own time however, they learned they had changed history so Galvatron was still active and in control of Cybertron. Blurr was killed during Galvatron's attack on an outpost, with his decapitated head used to enrage Rodimus Prime. Despite this, he was still active in 2510 to inform Rodimus Prime the last Decepticon outpost had been destroyed.

Marvel's the Transformers (US)

Shortly after arriving on Earth, Blurr and the other Targetmasters launched an assault on Ratbat's island base to try and rescue Buster Witwicky, but were driven back by the defences. They later joined up with the Earth Autobots led by Grimlock and joined them in battling the Decepticons on the moon.

Blurr ultimately fell under Optimus Prime's command and accompanied him to MacDill Air Force Base to confront the Air Strike Patrol. When Optimus Prime realised they had been lured from the Ark, he sent Blurr and most of the other members of the team back there. Blurr was sent into a panic by the discovery that the Sports Car Patrol had planted a bomb to destroy the Ark, with them ultimately only being saved by Ratchet using Megatron's portal to transport the bomb to the Decepticon's base.

Blurr was involved with battles with a rogue Guardian robot and Thunderwing, as well as Optimus Prime surrendering his troops to Scorponok to try and form an alliance with Unicron. Blurr survived the subsequent battle but was among many Autobots deactivated during a Decepticon ambush on the planet Klo. He was probably revived by the Last Autobot.

Regeneration One

Unicron Trilogy

Main article: Blurr (Transformers Armada)

Aside from the Armada character, other version(s) of Blurr appear in Cybertron. In the show itself, Blurr is among the Cybertronians evacuated to Earth to escape the effects of the Black Hole. Blurr hid among humanity, but he and the others aided in protecting humanity from the Decepticons and the effects of the black hole.

As well as this, there was another Blurr from Velocitron, a retired, cranky racer who mentors younger racers. He appears in the prose stories Force of Habit, and The Dark Heart of Sandokan. In the Japanese version of Cybertron, Galaxy Force, Blurr was characterised the same as his G1 counterpart, a highly string scout. Blurr's vehicle mode was used by generic Transformers on both Earth and Velocitron, meaning any number of the Blurr's described here, as well as the Armada Blurr, could be any one of these generics.

Transformers Animated

See main article: Blurr (Transformers: Animated)

Transformers IDW

Main article: Blurr (IDW Comics)

Aligned Universe

Main article: Blurr (Rescue Bots)

Transformers Cyberverse

See main article: Blurr (Transformers Cyberverse)


  • In the video games, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, one of R.O.B.'s alternate costumes is based on Blurr's classic colors.


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