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Blurr is an Autobot-allied Velocitronian and a Rescue Bot in Transformers: Rescue Bots, as well as a temporary member of the Bee Team in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.



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Rescue Bots

Thousands of years ago Blurr and his friend Salvage made a forced landing to Earth, and after expropriation Salvage wanted to help the residents of Wayward Island to escape the meteor shower. One Man, Ira, was missing from them. And Blurr promised to help her in finding her. But he did not return, so Salvage dropped them into the waters. And then Salvage went to find him if he was injured. Soon Salvage found Ira, and when they came to Salvage and Blurr's ship, Blurr was leaving. Then they brought together and after that they put themselves in horror and hoped for the best. Later Heatwave, Boulder, Chase, Blades, Cody, Graham and Frankie found them, and then they were training for rescuers.

Robots in Disguise

Later in Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Blurr became Sideswipe's intern, and he helped the Bee Team capture the following Decepticons: a Sharkticon scientist named Ragebyte, a Skunkticon lone wolf named Zorillor, and the Amphiboid treasure hunter Springload. He eventually returned to his Rescue Bot duties after a failed attempt to capture the Stunticons Dragstrip and Wildbreak.



  • Prior to his debut in Rescue Bots, Blurr previously appeared in the "Aligned" tie-in novels as a native of the Cybertronian colony Velocitron, hence the reason the planet is mentioned in Rescue Bots
  • In one of the rare noticeable instances of physical change within the "Aligned" continuity family, Blurr's appearance in Robots in Disguise is heavily influenced by Generation 1 Blurr.


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