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Blutarch Mann is one of the triplet brothers of Zepheniah Mann and serves as an arch-nemesis of Redmond Mann in Team Fortress 2. Respectively, he's the owner of BLU. He had been engaged in a lifelong feud with Redmond over the control of the vast lands left to him by his father. After Zepheniah Mann's death, Blutarch and Redmond hired a team of nine mercenaries each in order to quickly defeat his brother and take control of his lands. However, as their forces were evenly matched, the situation quickly devolved into a protracted stalemate, leading Blutarch to look to Radigan Conagher for a life-extending machine, each hoping to outlive his sibling. Radigan made the same machine for both Redmond and Blutarch, so their feud continued, even into the year 1968. By 1971, however, Blutarch is tricked into meeting with Redmond and they quickly decide to declare a truce in order to get one of them pregnant to create a heir. But Gray Mann enters, revealing himself to be their long lost brother and assassinates both of them to gain control of their respective companies. In Grave Matters, Blutarch Mann becomes a ghost shortly after his death. The first thing Blutarch does as a ghost is gloat to his brother that he outlived him, while Redmond says he was still bleeding out when Blutarch died. After a few seconds of fighting, they go to the RED Soldier, who is working as a lawyer, for legal help in determining the status of who won their father's land. RED Soldier tells them, that since they're ghosts, they're not actually dead but caught between worlds and neither have won until one of them passes on. Blutarch and Redmond leave and find the nearest pay phone and call their secretaries from their former companies and organize the mercenaries in order to try and send each other to Hell.


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