Bob dreaming of Sylvia

Bob dreaming of Sylvia

Bob is the secondary hero from the language course film Muzzy.


Bob is a lovesick gardener who is in love with the spirited Princess Sylvia and is willing to do whatever it takes to win her heart.

One day, when counting flowers in the garden, he runs into Sylvia. The two of them fall in love and go on a ride on Bob's motorcycle. This provokes the jealousy of the king's diabolical assistant, Corvax, who tells the king and queen about Bob and Sylvia's relationship. After their relationship is crashed, Bob defends Sylvia, telling the king he loves her. On the king's orders, his guards capture Bob and take him to prison, putting him in a cell with Muzzy, a giant clock-eating alien who has also been locked away for causing trouble. The two of them become friends and Muzzy breaks them out. They escape and Bob searches for Sylvia.

Bob struggles to find the princess, but it turns out that Sylvia has been accidentally cloned by Corvax. Fortunately, Sylvia manages to find him, but things take a turn for the worse when Corvax imprisons the king in his computer and leaves him behind. Aided by Muzzy, the queen, and Sylvia, Bob rescues the king. He catches Corvax escaping in a helicopter, and, after a fierce fight, knocks him out cold. While the evil goblin is arrested, Bob and the friends bring the kingdom to normal and he and Sylvia are married.

In Muzzy Comes Back, Bob fathers a daughter, Amanda, and must rescue her when she gets kidnapped.


  • Bob is voiced by Derek Griffiths, who also voices Corvax.
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