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Hero Overview
Have we got a show for you!
~ Bob the Tomato

Robert "Bob" the Tomato is the main protagonist of the VeggieTales franchise. He is also one of the mascots of Big Idea. He is the best friend of Larry the Cucumber and a good friend to Junior Asparagus.

He is voiced by Phil Vischer.


Bob is a red tomato who is short. He has small green leaves growing out of his head.

Nothing much was changed from him in his redesign. Like the other veggies, he gains eye colors. His eye colors are blue.


Bob is a friendly but often stressed tomato. He acts as the straight man of the hosts. He is always willing to teach children how to be kind. He can easily be annoyed, especially by his best friend Larry the Cucumber, and is irritated if he is not in control. In addition to this he becomes unamused when his show is not going according to his plan. Despite that, though, he is still a lovable and pleasant tomato.


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