S1e15a Robots

The Bobbles are recurring characters in Wander Over Yonder. They're a robotic alien species whose home, Orbble Planet, were about to be destroyed by Emperor Awesome's rave party, but Wander and Sylvia stopped him.

Physical Appearance

They look like egg-shaped robots and their heads and bodies are linked by springs. They have antennas in their heads, clamps for hands and feet helmets.


Orbble Planet had benn chosen by Emperor Awesome in order to celebrate one of his destructive rave party planets. Once time music on, rave party obligated bobbles to dance to its rhythm. Sylvia knew that they had to stop Awesome before he destroyed Orbble Planet but she also had to calm Wander, who loved rave parties and couldn't resist it.

Sylvia joined into scene but were caught by Awesome, who felt attracted by her and wanted to make her one of his girls in his harem. Sylvia called Wander to join scene and dance as he wised and he put on challenge-dance to Awesome, who were defeated by him and said to Bobbles that their planet wasn't suitable for his parties and decided to go out, thus making Bobbles shouting of joy.

Bobbles are seen in "The End of the Galaxy" to aid Wander and a group of rebels to fight Lord Dominator.

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