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Bobby is one of the supporting characters in American Pie spin-off film series. Bobby is the one the tritagonists the American Pie: The Naked Mile sequel American Pie Beta House. Bobby is the roommate and friend of Erik Stifler who becomes a fraternity brother of him and Cooze.


Prior arriving at the University of Michigan, Bobby grew up on a farm and had a girlfriend named Margie, who would later attend U Of M with him. When they arrived at college, while having sex with Margie, Bobby meets his Erik for the first time when he walks in on them. To make up for this awkward moment Bobby offers Erik a chance to have a threesome with him and Margie, which the latter turns down. However, when Margie starts to choke and Erik attempts Heimlich her to help, Erik's father and friend Cooze come out surprised. After Margie leaves okay, the three are invented by Erik's cousin Dwight to attend a frat party at his fraternity Beta House. The next day after having with a threesome with Margie and Beta House president Wesley, Bobby is one of the few chosen to pledge by Beta House by Dwight.


  • Bobby married Cooze as one of the tasks on the pledge board.
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