Bobby is a recurring character in Animaniacs. He is the leader of the Goodfeather pigeon trio.

He is voiced by John Mariano as his speaking voice and by Jeff Bennett as his singing voice.

He is the only one who understands what the Godpigeon is saying while talking in an elderly gibberish way.

Bobby is inspired by some of Robert De Niro's film roles (such as Travis Bickle, Jake LaMotta, and Jimmy Conway).

In Wakko's Wish, he was one of King Salazar's former assistants.

In the Star Wars parody episode which is the last episode of Pinky and the Brain, Bobby was one of the unnamed stormtroopers along with Pesto and Squit.


Bobby seems to act like the brains in the goodfeather pigeon trio. He is shown to get along with Squit and Pesto.

He usually laughs when Squit gets beaten up by Pesto. However, he also occasionally tries to stop Pesto from beating up Squit.

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