Robert Jeffrey "Bobby" Hill (born August 13, 1986) is the son of Hank and Peggy Hill. Bobby's age changes gradually throughout the series. Up until Shins of the Father he is 11, then 12, then 13. It's been said in later episodes that Bobby is almost 14 years old.


Bobby Hill is 4'11" and weighs 135 lbs. His haircut seems to be a close buzzcut (as shown in "Hanks Bad Hair Day"). Bobby does poorly in most sports and other athletic activities. He seemed to be especially not good with his hands. The exception to this is his incredible ability as a marksman, which is displayed in the episode where he shoots his pet  believed to be rabid. These qualities make him a comic foil to his ex-high-school-football-playing, tool-savvy father. They are different in most respects with the few things Bobby is good at, like shooting a gun or dancing, being areas where Hank is weak or mediocre.

Although Hank wished to have Bobby follow in his athletic past, there have been times Hank realizes this is not the best idea for Bobby. When Bobby joined the track team, his out-of-shape physiology was used by the coach to punish slackers by having Bobby substitute for them. When a player suffers an injury, the coach is made to substitute Bobby for real, making him run a 1500-yard dash. Bobby wins the event when all the other players trip due to a freak accident. Although Bobby won by default, Hank is still proud of his rare win. Another time Bobby actually agreed with Hank that the soccer team was run under a "sissy program" and tried out for the football team. It was actually Hank who ordered Bobby off the football team once he saw it was run by a did extreme actions such as chase players on the field with a car.

Bobby is a very kind, innocent, caring, lovable, gentle and a good hearted character. Although his softy personality disappoints Hank at times, Bobby is at the same time a crack rifle shot, is a professional-level golfer, and is also skilled at Dance Dance Revolution. Further, Bobby can be pushed into spontaneous anger, as when he punched the larger, more muscular Joseph for kissing Connie. Bobby has many of his irritating grandfather's more positive traits, such as joviality, body design and the knack of romancing girls with surprising ease.

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