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~ Bode Locke

Bode Locke is the tritagonist in the first season of Locke and Key and the deuteragonist in its second season. Whilst the youngest of the Locke children, he is the most inquisitive, and the one who finds the majority of the keys throughout Keyhouse Manor. Underneath his unadulterated exterior, he is shown to be a megalomaniacal sociopath who has developed an unhealthy fixation with Dodge, whom he views not as an antihero but as the rightful owner of magic he must seek to destroy so he can achieve ultimate power for himself. His obsession with defeating and killing Dodge through any means necessary comes to fruit when he turns his siblings against her and they break into her house and slaughter her in his stead, at which point he discloses some of the dark secrets around Keyhouse to Nina Locke, his mother. He is played by Jackson Robert Scott.



I'd either be playing Fortnite with Stuart and Wyatt, or I'd be playing Fortnite with Stuart and Chase.
~ Bode

Little is known about Bode's past, but a magical memory shows him falling asleep as his father, Rendell Locke, told him a bedtime story in which he enjoyed improvising a different ending for each sibling. He and his siblings eventually invented a game called "Whack-a-Bode", which the little boy actually enjoyed. Bode also befriended a small boy named Stuart, who he enjoyed playing Fortnite with, and they would often invite either Wyatt or Chase to join them. Rendell said he was very discerning for his age.

Season One

Welcome to Matheson

You're so lucky that you get another week before school starts."
"Someone has to map out the house.
~ Kinsey and Bode

When Sam Lesser turned up at Bode's house with a pistol, Kinsey hid Bode under a tarp and covered his mouth while Sam murdered Rendell in cold blood. Bode also witnessed Nina incapacitating Sam so he could be arrested by members of the local Police Department. This results in him and his family move to Matheson. Shortly before the move, Bode also partook of a grilled cheese sandwich, which he didn't enjoy because it was not crispy at all, and aside from being mushy, the cheese was hardly melted at all. On the way there, he wanted to play with his brooding siblings, but they (understandably) ignored him. Kinsey wouldn't let him take her picture, so he suggested playing “I Saw a Monster”, “Whack-a-Bode”, or “Serious Question”. They stop by an ice cream parlor and meet one Scot Cavendish. He gets on well with their uncle Duncan and is very impressed by what he saw in the manor. As Bode comes outside to chill on the balcony, he watches Duncan give Keyhouse the finger. Defensively, Duncan claims that the middle finger has more than one meaning - like saying aloha - and Bode happily gives Duncan the finger, thinking that it means "goodbye."

Subsequently, he begins exploring the ancient and extensive house and associated Estate. He is eventually drawn to the Well House which sits on Keyhouse estate and, when he calls into the well, he receives a reply from something he initially believes to be his echo. The reply scares him, and he runs back into the house, frightened and puzzled by what he has heard. He rouses his family to check the Wellhouse, to no avail.

Bode later returns to the well, drawn by the whispers common around the house. He once again calls into the well, and enjoys a conversation with the voice from earlier, who identifies herself as Echo. She asks if Bode has found any of the magical keys hidden throughout Keyhouse yet, and when he says no, she details some of the keys, including ones that can bring you into the Astral Plane and one that can alter your physical appearance. The Echo tells Bode to listen to the whispering if he wishes to find the keys. Feeling more perplexed than ever, Bode informs Kinsey, but she dismisses him. He does, however, find one of the keys hidden within a bracelet of hers given by Rendell years ago. He uses the key on a nearby door, and it opens a door to the ice cream parlor, where he steals ice cream from Scot, who is currently on duty. The reason he got away with this was presumably because Scot knew how young he was and he already had a crush on his sister. Bode realizes that he has found the Anywhere Key, but is unable to show Kinsey a doorway to the Eiffel Tower, much to his alarm.

Following the whispers, Bode finds another of the keys in the garbage disposal system under the sink. Returning to the Well House, he shows the keys to Echo, who reveals that the second key allows the user to speak with the dead; she tells him to use it with adult supervision because of the high risk involved with its use. He later uses the key to attempt to communicate with his father, Rendell, and is enticed by his reflection to step through the mirror. Although he doubts the ramifications of entering a pocket universe, Nina steps through instead and finds herself trapped. Desperate to save his mother, Bode returns to the Well House and asks for Echo's help, falsely assuming she had deceived him. Explaining what she meant about the Mirror Key, Echo offers her assistance in return for the Anywhere Key. However, when he trades her the Anywhere Key, she simply uses the key to escape the Well House after a lengthy and untold term of imprisonment, leaving him alone and infuriating him. Finding a long piece of rope in the Well House, he rouses his siblings to help him rescue his mother successfully.


We're not friends! You lied to me and you tried to kill my mom!
~ Bode's huge misunderstanding with Dodge

The following morning, Bode took notes: COVERT MISSION! 1) CONFRONT WELL LADY. 2) RECOVER ANYWHERE KEY. Hence, he set up a bear trap, hoping to injure her and break the bones in her legs (currently unaware of her superhuman agility) so he could blackmail her into returning the Anywhere Key.

More to come...

Head Games

Hey guys, I'm floating!
~ Bode

More to come...

Family Tree

Bode was mapping out the house.


Bode sees Dodge has made good on her threat when he comes upon an open window. Leaving onto the Astral Plane, he sees Sam Lesser threatening Nina and demanding for the Head Key. Sam then confronts them openly, but Bode smugly counters, sneering and holding the Music Box Key, Plant Key, and Ghost Key in his face to taunt him. Sam then wrenches the keys from a dismayed Bode's grasp. Bode, however, swiftly regains his composure and defies him until he binds him with cords.

Ray of F*ing Sunshine

Tyler and Kinsey have been keeping secrets from me again. And it's super frustrating. [...] They think they're protecting me. But they're wrong. Just because they're older doesn't mean they're right.
~ Bode

Bode located the Mending Key.


Hey! The only reason you know about the keys is because of me. Because I shared them with you! So stop shutting me out!
~ Bode

Bode found the Matchstick Key in the backyard, deducing Sam dropped it after last using it to dominate Tyler in a direct fight.

Crown of Shadows

I know something weird happened that night... and I promise I'm going to figure it out. At first, these keys were fun,  but now we know they're more than that. They're important. They're a part of our family, and we need to protect them. We're the new Keepers of the Keys.

Bode thought that seeing a photo would allow him to teleport to Nebraska, as he wished to see Rufus at his uncle's house.

More to come...

Season Two

There were two Dodges that night!
~ Bode

Bode met and befriended Jamie Bennett at school, taking her into his confidence. However, upon learning Dodge had returned, he resolved to finish what he started, using Tyler and Kinsey to murder Dodge for him by forcing their way into her house and making her kill her own friends while he disclosed some of the magical secrets to Nina. Bode is ultimately successful, as Dodge is ultimately killed when Tyler stabs her with the Alpha Key, despite having once liked her enough to be intimate with her. Bode also rekindles his "friendship" with Jamie, deducing there is still more to learn about the now vulnerable keys, hence being around when Frederick Gideon first surfaces onto the mortal plane, as he will surely challenge the demonic redcoat.

More to come...

Known works

Media Works
Bode's letter Dear Rufus, I hope you're getting settled at your uncle's house. We drove through Nebraska on our way to Matheson. Kool-Aid was invented there, so it must be a pretty great place. My mom has been helping the police detective look for your mom. I know something weird happened that night... and I promise I'm going to figure it out. At first, these keys were fun,  but now we know they're more than that. They're important. They're a part of our family, and we need to protect them. We're the new Keepers of the Keys. One more thing, mail me a picture of the front door of your uncle's house, because if I do get back that anywhere key, I'm coming straight to Nebraska!


Just because we found a few of the keys, we think we know everything.
~ Bode

Bode Locke is a young and arguably innocent boy who is very intuitive, curious, and intelligent. His intelligence was shown through his use of higher-level vocabulary; he was notably smart enough to know how “Lochness” was spelled despite not being in first grade yet. His immense curiosity and lack of adulteration or sophistication allows him to notice things others do not on more than one occasion. For instance, he was the only character who came anywhere close to suspecting Dodge may have staged a coup. Bode also assumed the drawing room was ideal for Kinsey as she was an artist. Bode is fond of airplanes and toy army men and hence found a kindred spirit in Rufus Whedon. He had another friend, Dodge, but his naivety got the better of him and he betrayed her and tried to project being the victim onto her, so when Rufus moved he was left friendless. He maintained an upbeat attitude in spite of this, being determined to find the remaining keys so he could use the Anywhere Key to visit Rufus consistently so they could continue being together, befriending Jamie Bennett in the meantime as a ruse to learn more about the keys. Two other interests of his were coloring books and toys mimicking the lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise. He also enjoyed cereal and he loved bacon very much.

While not above panicking when having good reason, such as when he hears echoes and proceeds to assume they're saying other words that aren't his own, Bode is also incredibly brave, almost completely fearless, all in spite of his lack of leverage or fighting skills, showing no signs of fear when confronted by an angry Dodge, and even when unexpectedly ambushed in his home and at the mercy of a bloodthirsty Sam Lesser with a pistol (although Bode's sneer momentarily disappeared when Sam wrenched three of Dodge's keys from his grasp), with Bode going so far as smugly sneering at Sam's threats. He also attempted to keep a hammer handy for protection, had his teacher not noticed.

Bode was also arrogant enough to covet every single key the family found, whereas even Dodge presumably wanted only the Head Key, Shadow Key, and Omega Key in addition to the two already in her possession, making him even more of an unhinged control freak than his nemesis. However, considering he was the only one who hadn't gotten into trouble with them (as he was even known to use the Ghost Key and Head Key quite wisely, and his most reckless decision was shoplifting a three-dollar ice cream cone) that last aspect may not be entirely unjustified.

While he puts on a kindly, witty and charming façade that he is a harmless little boy, a child who merely wants what is best for his kin, Bode is actually full of rage, psychopathy, sadism, and ruthless malevolence behind closed doors, truly wishing to obtain ultimate power for himself, to control others, and to destroy those that he deems as his competition - namely his nemesis Dodge, but also anyone who may threaten his stolen power through the keys, such as Eden Hawkins for instance. For all his youthful naivety, Bode displayed signs of narcissism and sociopathy – tendencies to act coldly and callously towards the few people he is close with, feel no remorse for hurting (in three cases attempting to murder) people who have done him minimal wrong, being a pathological liar, and hoarding powerful relics – all in spite of his youth. This all makes him an ideal nemesis for someone as righteous and unhinged as Dodge. Hence, he didn't seem at all flustered by Rendell's death, displaying an upbeat attitude throughout their car ride from Seattle to Matheson, and not getting flashbacks like his siblings, and not mentioning him at all ever since Dodge asked of it when they first met and he went into his own head; both times being because something else brought his dad up directly. An even more extreme example of sociopathy at such a young age is when he became so angry when he irrationally misperceived Dodge deliberately lying to his face and making an attempt on his mother's life (when all she did was tell him to show Nina the Mirror Key) that he betrayed her and tried to injure and blackmail her, even though she was his only friend along with Rufus, she'd always been very nice to him up to that point, and her worst “transgression” was telling him to not use a powerful interdimensional relic until he had adult supervision. His utter shock at her escaping the Wellhouse with one of the keys stemmed from the fact that he never even considered she may not like it in the well, inconsiderately assuming she lived there of her own free will. He was also uncharacteristically impassive and emotionless when Sam Lesser broke into the manor and bound him with cords. He was manipulative enough to ensure his siblings trusted Erin Voss when she started demanding for all the keys, despite using the exact same scenario as his prime excuse to justify seeking Dodge's destruction, since she wanted her property back. Bode also lied, sometimes without realizing it, such as when he denied finding more than one or two keys to Tyler, and less than a day later, Dodge. Whereas Tyler was fearful, Bode smiled eerily upon learning that Kinsey removed her fear, considering it that much easier to mold a fearless relative into a weapon. True to a classical villainous mindset, Bode will only help anyone if it contributes to his ascension. This is shown as he asked Tyler what was in it for him to let Kinsey in on preserving the keys, and got Jamie Bennett to trap Eden Hawkins under a jar.

Bode didn't exhibit much emotion throughout the second season, aside from showing great anger when Duncan pushed him, and again when his teacher took his phone, despite keeping her promise to return it during recess.

Despite his intellect, Bode's arrogance makes him very envious and bitter towards the superpowered entity Dodge. He was also bitter to his siblings, although there is a small chance he may have desired their approval. In spite of being young, he didn't avoid home because Sam had just been there, rather because he had an irrational grievance regarding his siblings.

Bode does, however, have several prominent fears, the biggest of which, even more than that of losing his own life, being his fear of losing power and control, so yet another factor of Bode's resentment towards Dodge was his outrage over the latter not deserving the power her own keys granted her, while feeling that instead, he is the one that deserves it, due to Bode's deluded image telling him he is smarter and more ethically well-rounded to be trusted with magic. Indeed, due to this existential sense of entitlement, Bode epitomizes the Easterlin Paradox - being absolutely tormented, miserable, and full of rage, despite also having a loving family, access to magic, and a good educational facility to attend, infinitesimal trial nipping at an idyllic way of life. Therefore, Bode values control above all else, so much so, that he places himself above Dodge, and almost asks Dodge to tear him apart, in their first confrontation, only to be lightly strangled as a righteous show of force. Hence, when confronted with his greatest fear, Bode shows himself to be a fatalist, as he set what he presumed was Dodge on fire, cruelly murdering her in cold blood, falling for the decoy his nemesis used to fool him. When he presumed Ellie to be her, he immediately set upon her with a sword, thinking he was about to finish what he started and be the undisputed holder of stolen magical power.

Though maturing throughout the first season, his childish mind-state still persisted; while having no remorse for his actions, he developed a burgeoning sense of justice and honor. Yet even this is shown to be a smokescreen as he used Jamie Bennett for her familial connection to the keys and only visited Rufus Whedon once to procure information crucial to his ascension, which is ultimately successful.

Bode also has a dry sense of humor, flipping off his uncle, mother, and enemy, and forbidding arguments in front of the bacon recently served to him.

Powers and Abilities

Powers via Keys

These keys are for real business.
~ Bode

By stealing keys from Dodge, Bode Locke gained supernatural abilities, his overall power augmented to levels that allowed him to defy her more than once. Being a fast learner with an insatiable thirst for power, he displayed an intuitive understanding of the powers his nemesis' keys possessed and slowly gained an apparent mastery over most of them, which allowed him to use their ability to warp nature itself with remarkable finesse only surpassed by Dodge herself.

  • Teleportation: Bode could use doors as a means of warping locations, using it to burgle ice cream and hoping to teleport to Rufus Whedon's house someday.
  • Mental Manifestation: Bode entered a toy box which displayed his childish, hedonistic, and unstable set of mind.
  • Pyrokinesis: Bode could conjure fire and he attached the Matchstick Key to his toy lightsaber, using it to incinerate who he presumed was Dodge, believing the keys could finally be his alone if he destroyed her. He was gravely mistaken, as he had set a decoy on fire instead.
  • Astral Projection: By stepping outside of the doorway to Keyhouse Manor, Bode could enter his astral form.
  • Dimensional Warping: By using the Small World Key, Bode could drastically enlarge a gummy bear to satisfy his gluttony.


Never! And I know you can't take them from me!
~ Bode's tremendous intellect and willpower
  • Peak-human intelligence: Bode Locke is exceptionally intelligent for his age; his intelligence was shown through his use of higher-level vocabulary; he was notably smart enough to know how “Lochness” was spelled despite not being in first grade yet. His immense curiosity and lack of adulteration or sophistication allows him to notice things others do not on a handful of occasions, with Rendell claiming he is very discerning for his age.
    • Master deceiver: Bode Locke is phenomenally skilled in deception, outclassing even deceptive genius Dodge herself in that regard, as he was notably able to successfully hide his internal pure cruelty under a kindly and altruistic façade, which convinced almost everyone he was a harmless child who had never conceived a malevolent thought in his entire life, with none of them suspecting him to be a power-hungry hoarder of ancient magic. In addition, he was able to masterfully deceive both of his siblings into perceiving Dodge, who owned the keys, as a threat and Tyler into angrily confronting the latter in her car (by telling him she was a fearsome being of pure malice, and goading him into thinking it could be too late to stop her, even though she had never done anything to Tyler), was able to superbly and easily deceive even the extremely perceptive Kinsey into becoming his weapon against Dodge (by telling her what he told Tyler, unaware and indifferent that she had saved Kinsey's life, so she would rally the Savinis, as well as Eden Hawkins, to work against her all without knowing anything about her and acting solely on naturally inflated fear as he insightfully intended), thereby convincing all of them that they genuinely, of their own accord, wished to kill Dodge, while in fact they were all mere discreetly manipulated pawns), and was able to deceive even his closest ally Rufus Whedon, who knew him best, into giving him a bear trap simply by telling him he had an extremely enigmatic enemy, whilst cleverly withholding the details to his advantage, proceeding to go out of his way to convince Rufus that he is his best friend and confidant, privy to all of his plans, while in fact even he was hugely implied (though unconfirmed) to be a mere disposable liability. Hence, he successfully built an alliance by his sheer cunning to fight someone who was righteous and had never wronged any of them, other than Bode himself. Furthermore, he made his siblings assume Dodge, and not Sam Lesser, brought about the death of Rendell Locke, despite not actually missing his father.
    • Master manipulator: Bode Locke is a terrifyingly accomplished manipulator, even more skilled than Dodge, as he was capable of steadily, with remarkable ease, turning his siblings against her by orchestrating several events capable of swiftly inciting their rage, with this ability also aiding Bode in using his siblings to gather allies to help him destroy the rightful owner of the keys.
    • Gifted detective: Bode, although applying this talent for malicious purposes, has proven himself to be an above average detective, able to almost guess that Dodge had cunningly disposed of Ellie Whedon, in addition to Bode accurately discerning that both of his siblings, despite their persevering moral strength, have in fact been emotionally darkened and embittered over their father's death, which Bode, not being affected as they were, very masterfully used to his own advantage to easily get them to take action against Dodge.
  • Expert artist: Bode is a phenomenally skilled art, drawing out very intricate maps of Keyhouse Manor in spite of only having just started first grade, though it should be noted Duncan was helping him.
  • Indomitable willpower: Bode Locke, much like his archenemy Dodge, has tremendous determination, fearlessness, and strength of will, since he absolutely refuses to ever hunker down and give up, even when placed against seemingly insurmountable odds, with Bode mastering almost any situation with his remarkable cunning, and even going so far as to claim that he sees no reason to return Dodge's property to begin with. Later, despite the seemingly impossible task of bringing down the powerful Dodge without having his own supernatural abilities, Bode refuses to back down from it, and resolves to utilize his phenomenal intellect to devise complex and intricate plans to bring down his archenemy, finally accomplishing this objective.


How do you know they're keeping secrets from you? Wouldn't that be a secret?
~ Rufus Whedon

Arrogance: Bode Locke's main weakness is his overconfidence and arrogance, which stems from his immense naivety and hyper-delusional megalomania. Hence, Bode does express some surprise, left temporarily caught off-guard, when Sam Lesser accepts the keys he offered him, and when Dodge was only pretending to be murdered by him and his pawns.


Are you my... echo?
~ Bode encounters Dodge
We're not friends! You lied to me and you tried to kill my mom!
~ Bode's huge misunderstanding with Dodge
And I'll take the brainy key."
"Head... KEY!
~ Kinsey and Bode
Just don't freak out when you see my body, okay?
~ Bode warning Kinsey he's about to enter the Astral Plane.
What's the point of having magic keys if we can't even use them?
~ Bode
Bacon me, please!
~ Bode expressing his profound appreciation for bacon
Hey! No fighting in front of the bacon.
~ Bode's reaction to Kinsey making everyone breakfast and proceeding to fight during said meal
What's that?"
"What's nothing behind your back?
~ Bode and Tyler
You're not gonna hurt us anymore!
~ Bode attacking Dodge


Bode's character has received universal acclaim. His uncanny intelligence and incredible usefulness have been particularly smiled at, though there is less mention of his egregiously low morality. On Facebook, he was voted as the best character in the show by far. His infamous “aloha” quote has also been the source of several memes on the Internet.


  • Ironically, despite being a flat-out delusional narcissist who believes himself to be the most righteous person and Dodge the most wicked of all, Bode has committed the seven deadly sins.
    • Pride - He shows an arrogant and condescending attitude towards anybody, believing he is above his siblings and their misadventurous exploits with the keys, never assuming an ounce of accountability for his conniving actions. Dodge's crystal-clear empowering confidence is not the same thing at all.
    • Lust - He is in no way sexually perverse (due to being in the fifth grade), but lust is defined as desiring someone else's body and isn't rigidly sexual; his craving the keys made of the corpses of Children of Leng despite not being his is thus the definition of lustful. While Dodge has hormones like anyone else, she handles any sexual matters appropriately, so this is not a double standard.
    • Envy - He resents Dodge when she verifies the keys have always belonged to her; even though she envies Scot Cavendish, it's being a lesbian competing with a straight male that makes her feel insecure in the first place.
    • Greed - He sees his nemesis' hallowed relics as nothing more than uncommonly fun toys to possess, whereas Dodge hasn't hinted at a selfish desire for anything excessive.
    • Wrath - He always responds furiously when he cannot have his way, even trying to bite Dodge's hand just before Duncan Locke forges a key for her to add to her personal arsenal out of a sheer lack of restraint. His immoral nature infrequently provokes Dodge to justified angry outbursts, which are always short-lived compared to his unprovoked ones.
    • Sloth - He doesn't fight Dodge physically, raising a team to gang up on her instead so he can remain a stationary part of the conflict; his moderately low screentime compared to Tyler, Kinsey, and even Dodge helps testify to this. Whereas Dodge and even Sam Lesser are by no means afraid to get their hands dirty.
    • Gluttony - He eats a gigantic gummy bear three times his size after thinking he orchestrated the murder of the Small World Key's rightful possessor, meaning he will murder vulnerable people to satiate his disgusting appetite. While Dodge and Eden did likewise, they were striving to survive, and no one died dishonorably so they could overeat.
  • Bode has also broken all of the Ten Commandments:
    • 1.You shall not worship any other gods. - Some of Bode's arguments made it sound like he began to see himself as being above divine punishment, which Dodge has never implied, as it's not known what divine authority demons have to answer to when they come to Earth with a purpose to teach humanity valuable lessons, like all demons.
    • 2.You shall not make any idols for yourself. - Bode's delusional belief that he is the epitome of dependability regarding the keys is essentially revering himself; while Dodge seems to consider herself important, the aforementioned purpose of mysterious demons applies.
    • 3.You shall not take the Lord's name in vain. - Bode one invoked God's name during an argument, whereas Dodge has never done this.
    • 4.Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. - Bode doesn't do or even say anything religious whatsoever; Dodge willingly spending time with extra-dimensional beings with supernatural abilities could be considered maintaining sacred life aspects.
    • 5.Honor your father and mother. - Bode frequently avoided Nina and dishonored Rendell's legacy with his indifference to his death, which even Kinsey found exasperating as she and Tyler needed time to mourn. Granted, Dodge's parentage is completely unknown.
    • 6.You shall not murder. - Bode tried to kill Dodge with the Matchstick Key and later a sword, not knowing it was her decoy and later Ellie Whedon; even she only takes a life when absolutely necessary, preventing her from being objectively considered a murderer.
    • 7.You shall not commit adultery. - While he is too young to marry, his successful attempts to turn Kinsey against Dodge can be considered this. This is one of two commandments Dodge breaks, as she begins flirting with Tyler right after letting Kinsey kiss her, but unlike Bode, she never does anything of the sort ever again; her lack of knowledge of right and wrong compared to Bode further emphasizes this.
    • 8.You shall not steal. - His character revolves around stealing Dodge's keys from her and manipulating anyone he can to help him in this. She steals too, but only once; she steals essential supplies and an elaborate necklace.
    • 9.You shall not lie. - Bode lied to his siblings that Dodge was harmful, whereas the closest thing Dodge does to lying is playing dumb about her keys as "Gabe", which is a crucial necessity.
    • 10.You shall not covet. - Bode obsessively pursued the keys, despite having no right to them, and having always known Dodge desperately wanted her property back. Dodge isn't known to covet anything that isn't duly hers in the first place.


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