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The Body Burner

The Body Burner, a minor character in God of War, was the first to enter the Temple of Pandora and in his own words, the first to die. Punished by the gods for his failure, he was sentenced to burn the body of anyone who dies in the temple (although there are several bodies still inside the temple), he is immortal of spirit but not of body, hence his rotting visage, though he may also be burned.

Only the Body Burner can unlock the doors to Pandora's Temple for Kratos, after he proves himself by fighting the Cyclops Desert Kings pair outside the gate. When he speaks to Kratos he sounds very monotonous and jaded as if he says the exact same things to every person he lets into the temple. The Harpies of the temple seem to work for him, bringing back the dead bodies of those who have failed, and opening the gates to the temple. After Kratos is impaled with the pillar, however, the Harpies take Pandora's Box from him and give it to Ares.

In God of War III, Cronos appears in the Pits of Tartarus after being banished by Zeus there. Pandora's Temple is still chained on his back, but the Body Burner's presence is unknown. The Body Burner was probably able to finally rest after Pandora's Box was taken from the temple.