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The Bog King at first appeared as the secondary antagonist, but later became the deuteragonist in the 2015 film Strange Magic. While he was promoted as the main antagonist, this was a misinformation campaign to hide the film's true main villain.

He was voiced by Alan Cumming.


In the film, the Bog King was first seen sitting in his throne, knowing about Sunny when he first set foot into the dark forest. When Sunny gets to the Sugar Plum Fairy, he learned that the Bog King had been keeping her and anyone falling in love period prisoners. By the time the potion was made, the Bog King and his minions crash a festival and had kidnapped Princess Dawn. When some of the potion had rubbed off onto Dawn, he immediately couldn't stand her constant singing. While keeping her prisoner, it's shown that he began to grow fond of the charm she had made for him.

By the time Marianne came into the Bog King's territory, the two fought against each other. His mother revealed a tragic, yet embarrassing reason for his hatred for love was due to the fact that he couldn't find his own love back when he was young. When he had used the potion at a female slug, it didn't work due to his appearance and the fact that she was already in love with someone else. Overtime, the Bog King had come to realization that he and Marianne have a lot in common.

When Marianne's ex-fiancé Roland and his army invaded the castle, the Bog King was told to give over Marianne and Dawn in exchange for the love potion. Upon refusal, he and Marianne fought against Roland. By the time his army made the castle collapse, the Bog King had supposedly fell to his death. However, when it turned out that he survived, he and Marianne had their true love's kiss, as well as having a change of heart.



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