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Circus Strongmen need to project strength, so once rumors about the Great Ivanski's soft spot spread, harsh words made him leave the big top. Knows how to take a punch.
~ Bogdan's biography.

Bogdan "The Great" Ivanski is a playable character in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Heist

Bogdan "The Great" Ivanski was a part of a circus as the strongman, however he left to go pursue his passion of ballet.

Ivanshi can be hired by Captain Piper Faraday to aid her crew in their battle against the scrappers.

He will also add commentary about the crew's current situation, whether it's about a level or a boss battle.

He is also seen at the end of the game during the radio drama explaining whats going to happy to Piper's Crew next. He also mentions that he is planning to open a ballet studio.

Skills and Abilities

Ivanski can use almost any gun he can hold as well as have an ability to taunt enemies and become invincible for a short time.


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